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Local History Museum of Novokuznetsk isthe keeper of the history of all Kuzbass. Based on two private collections of enthusiasts in love with their land, the museum adopted a passion for their homeland and love for people.

History and description

Local History Museum (Novokuznetsk) hasone of the largest collections in the whole region. It was founded on the basis of private collections of local ethnographers - DT Yaroslavtsev and GS Blynsky. The opening took place in November 1827. The purpose of the museum is to preserve and publicly represent Novokuznetsk and Kuzbass in all manifestations of cultural, spiritual and historical heritage.

To date, the museum area is occupied by1400 square meters, where permanent expositions, thematic exhibitions, funds, a library and many other things are located. The Museum of Local Lore (Novokuznetsk) keeps in the funds more than 55 thousand items, some of them are unique. Here is a fragment of a wooden cross dating from 1717, which, according to legend, was cut down by Peter I himself, an extensive collection of samovars from the early 19th century, a collection obtained by archaeologists at the Ust-Abinsk burial ground, and much more.

Local History Museum of Novokuznetsk

Activities and branches

The Museum of Local Lore (Novokuznetsk) hasarsenal excursion programs for all age groups of visitors both in the museum and outside it. Regularly organized thematic holidays, timed to national dates, folk festivities and field trips to historical places of Novokuznetsk.

The last reconstruction of the museum was carried out in2014, which allowed to equip the premises according to the world standards of museum business. In 1999, a branch was opened in the building of the former district school, which is a historical and architectural monument. Also, the local history museum (Novokuznetsk) became the base for the art museum, the literary and memorial museum of Dostoevsky and the historical and architectural museum "Kuznetsk fortress".

Local History Museum Novokuznetsk exhibition


The main exposition in the Museum of Local Lore(Novokuznetsk) is spread out over an area of ​​almost 850 square meters. meters. For temporary exhibitions 100 square meters were allocated. meters, the storage facilities occupy about 150 square meters. meters. The staff consists of 38 specialists, 14 of whom are engaged in scientific activities. Every year the museum is visited by an average of 8 thousand people.

The museum offers visitors such excursions:

  • Sightseeing tour of all museum halls.
  • Sightseeing tour of the halls dedicated to the natural resources of Kuzbass.
  • Archaeological past and finds.
  • Flora and fauna of Kuzbass.
  • City `s history.
  • Culture and life of the indigenous population of Kuzbass.
  • Civil war and the events of the 20-ies.
  • Pages of the history of the district school.
  • The cabinet of the Bulgakov family.
  • Kuznetskstroy.
  • The city of Stalingsk and the period of repression.
  • The Great Patriotic War.

Visitors are given the opportunity to book a tour of their own interests accompanied by an experienced guide, use an audio guide, visit a lecture or classes.

Local History Museum Novokuznetsk address

Educational programs

Local History Museum (Novokuznetsk) has developed a number of educational programs aimed at schoolchildren of different age groups, which significantly expands the scope of the secondary school program.

General directions of educational programs:

  • "My Little Homeland". It is aimed at students of lower grades and is designed for 2 years of systematic visits. The cycle consists of 16 excursions, within the framework of which students learn about the origin of life on the Earth, get acquainted with the museum business, devote time to studying individual representatives of flora and fauna, immerse themselves in the archeology of Kuzbass. A lot of time is given to folk crafts and traditions.
  • "The mystery of ancient objects." For a cycle of 7 excursions, students of junior and middle classes are invited. During the programs, students learn about the history of objects, their creation, the development of writing and book printing.
  • "Island of Fairy Tales", "People's Calendar" - forpreschool children and primary school students. The programs are dedicated to the history and traditions of folk festivals, the world of fairy tales about animals, fictional characters and the Shchor fairy tales.
  • Classes on ecology. General education programs about the value of nature, the need for its preservation and careful attitude to all living things.
  • Theatrical excursions and interactive excursions involve students in live communication and help to master knowledge more fully.
  • For high school studentsthematic excursions - "Birds", "Mammals", "Ecology and environmental protection". A useful addition to the general history course of the history of the senior classes will be thematic cycles - "The Development of the Kuznetsk Land", "The Adherence of the Territory to Russia", "Novokuznetsk in the War Years," etc.

The staff of the museum are open to cooperation and will be happy to talk about their native land on visiting sessions, street walks or lectures.

Local History Museum Novokuznetsk 3d exhibition


A large number of events are held at itsterritory and in the branches of the Local Lore Museum (Novokuznetsk). The exhibition "Stop-frame", opened in October 2016, is devoted to the domestic cinema and traces its history from the moment of the birth of the Soviet cinema. Most of the exhibition activity was moved to the branches.

Current exhibitions:

  • The Art Museum invites to personalexhibition I. Bessonov "The Third Song. White Angel "and G. Elina, dedicated to the artist's anniversary, an exhibition of temple icons, thematic exhibitions from the museum's storage facilities.
  • The Literary and Memorial Museum of FM Dostoevsky presented the exhibition project "Journey with Dostoevsky".
  • The Kuznetsk Fortress Museum-Reserve invites you to visit the exhibition "Military History of the Region", "The Holy Land of Kuznetsk", "The Saved Relic" and the permanent exposition of the fortress.

Employees of the institution are able not only to preservehistorical and cultural values, but also to introduce fellow countrymen to new trends, which the Local History Museum (Novokuznetsk) often shows at exhibitions. 3D exhibition of paintings always arouses great interest among the public. There have already been several such events - in 2016 a collection called "Revived Masterpieces" was demonstrated, where visitors were introduced to the 3D interpretation of the world's masterpieces of painting.

In the spring of 2017 an exhibition was organized"3D-Imaginarium", immersing tourists in extreme situations within the walls of the Local History Museum (Novokuznetsk). Photos of visitors to the exhibition confirm the curiosity of children and adults to unusual pictures.

local lore museum novokuznetsk photo

Helpful information

Townspeople are attentive to exhibitions in the Local History Museum (Novokuznetsk). Address of the institution: Pionersky Avenue, building 24.

Working hours:

  • On weekdays from 10:00 to 18:00.
  • The days off are Saturday and Sunday.

The cost of visiting the permanent exhibition - 200 rubles, an excursion for 10 people (the minimum group) - 50 rubles per visitor. There are discounts for privileged categories of the population.

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