Maria Wei without makeup. What does a famous blogger look like without cosmetics on his face?

She is not a well-known performer of singles and nottop model, but her video is gaining millions of views. Maria Wei's makeup is the individual love of most young girls who are eagerly awaiting the release of new videos of their beloved pet. She became famous thanks to broadcasts of beauty lessons. Masha always looks great, and it's not a merit of carcass, foundation and proofreaders. Maria Wei and without makeup looks charming, because it has the right facial features from nature.

maria wei without makeup

The target audience

Her videos focus on parsing the rightmethods of applying cosmetics. But in parallel with this, she shoots completely different videos about her travels and hobbies. First of all, this information is aimed at the female audience. But an impressive part of the audience is made up of young people. Obviously, they are attracted by the girl's lovely appearance and her manner of presenting the material. Maria Wei without makeup appears in the frame not very often, but she shows by her example the sequence of actions for performing makeup. The blogger attracts attention with unusual beauty: she is the owner of large eyes, natural thick brows and plump lips. Therefore, her videos are not so valuable useful advice, how many are tempting beauty of Mary.

maria wei without makeup and lenses

Mysterious Intrigue

Despite the fact that Maria Wei without make-up is readyto appear before the public, there are some moments in her life that she does not disclose to a wide audience. This intrigue lasts a long time and consists in not disclosing information about parents, age, personal life and other interesting facts. Even the name of the girl is fictional. Little is known about her real life. It is for this reason that every day attracts a large number of new viewers who are eager to learn the truth that they are so carefully hidden from them.

Images from Maria Wei

Most Popular Videos:

  • "How to learn to be nyasha" - the creation of a sad makeup with traces of fatigue (trendy trend).
  • "How to make others think that you are pretty" is a must-watch video for girls with low self-esteem.
  • "Festive image for school" - daytime make-up,relevant for an educational institution. The author does not call to go with makeup to school, but shows how you can look beautiful on the occasion of the holiday.

makeup of Mary Wei

Maria Wei without make-up and lenses

The classic make-up of a popular blogger isarrows and highlighted cheekbones. She draws a wide line along the eyelash, which gives her eyes openness. The girl does not have pronounced cheekbones, so she achieves the desired effect with the help of a blush matched to the tone of the skin. Completely without make-up, Maria appeared in front of the audience in her video about the ball. In the image of Cinderella she is going to the event, taking every action on the camera. She is not afraid to look ridiculous or stupid, does not hide sincere emotions, uninhibited behaves before the lens. Maria Wei without make-up is as cute as he is with him.

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