Aerosol gun "Premier" - an effective means of protection from attack

Aerosol pistol "Premier" - convenient andmodern means of self-defense. To acquire it, you do not need a permit or a license to wear. The only requirement is reaching the age of 18 years.


Aerosol gun "Premier" - one of the latest developments of Tula gunsmiths.

It is different:

  • range of throwing aerosol cans at a distance of about 7 meters;
  • simple design and, as a result, excellent reliability;
  • electronic detonation of ammunition.

The "Premier" aerosol spray gun is loaded with special balloons of the caliber 18x55 BAM-OS.000.

Cavities of cartridge cartridges with a volume of 4.5 cm3 filled with peppery irrigant OS.

This extract from hot pepper causes irritationmucous membrane of the eye, spasm of the upper respiratory tract, burning and lacrimation and temporary loss of vision. The health of the attacker does not cause irreparable harm, but the desire to attack disappears for a long time. It may take 3-4 days to restore the normal state of the body.

Aerosol gun "Premier" is able to work in enclosed spaces and in the open air, including in the wind.

Under bullets of the increased size the aerosol pistol "Premier" was specially created. The conversion of BAM for use in the weaponless family of "Wasp" is not required.

Aerosol gun "Premier" remake

This greatly expands the possibilities of their use.

How to buy?

To buy a "Premier" pistol, you do not need to produce documents. It is not required to register weapons in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and to register a license for the right to wear.

The package includes:

  • aerosol device "Premier";
  • 2 cassettes for BAM (main and spare);
  • passport;
  • instruction;
  • warranty card;
  • battery CR2 (installed).

Features of use

Aerosol pistol "Premier" charges through the barrel with two cans of irrigation simultaneously.

The shot is made by lightly pressing the triggerhook. There is an initiation of an electrodetonation - on the capsule of the first canister a spark enters and a microblast is produced. The jet stream of gas flies at a high speed under pressure towards the target.

Trigger hook after the first shot released. By repeated pressing, an aerosol shot of the second canister is produced.

The clip with the two cartridges fired is extracted from the barrel. If desired, the gun can be immediately recharged with a spare clip.

The device comes with a battery charge, which is enough to produce several thousand shots. The battery is easy to replace, just unscrew the two screws.

Manual and technical data

Methods of using the aerosol device"Premier" is described in detail in the instructions. It is recommended to point the muzzle of the pistol to the person attacking you or to the muzzle of the predator and to press the trigger. The BKM's electocapsules will work, and the mustard jet will fly out in the indicated direction.

Aerosol gun "Premier"


  • material - plastic;
  • dimensions: 140x122x29 mm;
  • weight device without BAM - 200 grams;
  • the maximum range of exposure is seven meters;
  • effective range is five meters.


About such a means of self-defense as the aerosol gun "Premier", customer feedback is mixed. Users note some shortcomings:

  • The aerosol spray is too sprayed and not directed enough;
  • there is no fuse;
  • no battery indicator;
  • The holster of a pistol is not always convenient to use.

Aerosol gun "Premier" reviews

The undoubted advantage of this effective means of self-defense is reliability of use and a relatively low price - 2,700 rubles.

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