Actor Chris Wood: TV shows and service novels

American actor Chris Wood belongs to the newa generation of celebrities who gained fame through popular television projects. Catching a wave of success, he quietly moves from one top-end series to another. Romantic relations on the set are not uncommon. So he is already famous for his service novels. Relations on the screen smoothly pass from actor Chris Wood to his private life.

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About Chris Wood

Chris was born in Dublin (Ohio) on April 141988. He received his professional education at the University of Elon (North Carolina), graduating with a Bachelor of Theater Arts in 2010. Starting from work in the theater, in 2013 he reached television. His debut project was the TV series "Browsers". However, after the release of the pilot series, it was closed. Then the series "Especially Serious Crimes", "Carrie Diaries" and "Girls" followed. Popularity came to actor Chris Voodoo with the project "The Vampire Diaries"

Nina Dobrev and the series "The Vampire Diaries"

The series "The Vampire Diaries", shot on the same namea series of books by Lisa Jane, appeared on the screens from 2009 to 2017. He was enthusiastically received not only by spectators, but also by critics. Chris Wood joined the team in the sixth season of the project (2014). He played the secondary role of Kai (Malakaya) Parker. Then he appeared in several episodes of the seventh and eighth seasons.

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Rumors about the novel of Wood with the performer mainroles in the series leaked to the press in early 2015. The star couple, which brought fans to delight not only on the screen, but in life, - Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder, broke up in 2013. Fans waited and hoped for their reunion, but in vain. While Ian Somerhalder was preparing for the wedding with Nikki Reed, Nina Dobrev plunged headlong into a new novel. However, her relationship with actor Chris Wood was not advertised, not confirmed and did not last long.

Hannah Mangan-Lawrence and the series "Isolation"

Cooperation with one of the creators of the series"The Vampire Diaries" Julie Plek actor continued in the new popular series on the channel The CW "Isolation." The premiere took place in 2016. Chris Wood performs one of the leading roles - the officer Jack Riley, the friend of the protagonist.

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On set, he meets his colleague onworkshop - the actress Hanna Mengan-Lawrence. A beginner British-Australian actress, famous internationally for the historical drama "Spartacus. Revenge ", is also involved in" Isolation ". The relationship lasted two years, and all this time the couple actively demonstrated them through social networks. Actor Chris Wood broke up with his now-former sweetheart in January 2017. Perhaps the reason was his new hobby.

Melissa Marie Benoist and the television series "Superhero"

The series about the character of DC Comics "Superhero",who is the cousin of Superman and one of the few survivors of the planet Krypton, came out in October 2015. The main role in it is performed by the beginning American actress and singer Melissa Marie Benoist. The audience could notice her episodic roles in the series "Blue Blood", "Law and order", "Good wife", "Motherland", "Chorus".

Wood was invited to the project in 2016.Starting with the second season, he participates on a permanent basis, playing the role of Mont-El - this is another superhero with abilities similar to those of Superman. Thus, the filmography of actor Chris Wood was replenished with another popular project, and the press began talking about his new novel.

Rumors about a new relationship appeared in March2017, after just a couple of months after Wood broke up with Mangan-Lawrence, and Melissa Marie Benoist divorced her husband. The lovers were noticed on March 27 on the beach in Cancun.

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They, like a sweet couple, kissed and hugged. The fans are delighted! After all, now the couple together, not only on the screen, but also in life.

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