How to wash a down jacket in a washing machine

In any wardrobe there is a whole lineupa variety of winter clothing. Fur coats, sheepskin coats, fur waistcoats and down jackets firmly occupied a place on hangers for all occasions. But having a large selection of beautiful clothes, you have to periodically clean it. Bright and multifunctional jackets for fluff are so comfortable that you want to wear them every day. Having such a desire, you need to know how to wash the down jacket in a washing machine.

Of course, you can take it to dry cleaning. So it should be done if your jacket has fluffy details made of natural fur that can not be undone. Give the thing to the craftsmen and do not think how to wash the down jacket in the washing machine. But with the experience of washing demi-season jackets, and following some recommendations, you can arrange dry cleaning at home. What should I study before washing the down jacket in a washing machine? Of course, the inner label with mysterious badges. Only they will prompt the temperature and the mode of washing and drying.

How to wash a down jacket in a typewriter, if itsfiller sintepon? It is very simple, like an ordinary demi-season thing, following the signs on the label. Choose a quality liquid detergent. From bleach will have to give up, but the stain remover does not hurt, but only in liquid form. Pre-detach from the down jacket all the removable parts. This can be a hood, fur trim, possibly lining and sleeves, if your model belongs to transformers. Be sure to clean the pockets of all things and fasten the rivets and zippers. Lay all parts of the down jacket in the drum of the machine evenly, to avoid knocking them down into one lump during the washing process. Use an additional rinse and dry the jacket on the shoulders, away from the heaters.

How to wash a down jacket for fluff in a washing machine? First, study the inner label. If it has the designation "only for dry cleaning", then such a thing will have to be handed over to dry cleaners. If there is an icon indicating the temperature, choose a delicate washing mode. When the down or feather filler jacket water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees, and the number of revolutions should be the smallest. Instead of a powder, we use only a liquid product for washing down products and the same consistency stain remover. The use of bleach and pre-soaking is completely ruled out.

We unfasten all removable parts and releasepockets. We turn the down jacket on the wrong side and button all zippers, rivets and buttons. Why such actions are necessary? To maintain the appearance of the front side of the down jacket and avoid deformation. Evenly distribute all the components of the down jacket in the drum.

How to wash a down jacket in a washing machine, so thatFelt down? Add a few balls to play tennis in the drum. Rotating along with the drum of the washing machine, they will beat the fluff inside the jacket. In this case, much less effort will be required for subsequent drying. We wash only in the delicate washing mode at low speed and temperature not exceeding 30 degrees.

Be sure to add a few extrarinses, putting in the last conditioner for linen. This will allow you to rinse the fluff thoroughly from the detergent, and you will avoid ugly stains after drying things out. We take out a well-worn jacket from the washing machine and shake it several times, first taking up the collar and then lowering the product.

Dry only on a hanger, in the distance of heatingdevices. An excellent option would be to place the down jacket in a well-ventilated place, but not under the influence of direct sunlight. In the drying process, you should shake the thing every two hours, smashing the lumps out of the fluff. Only after full drying of the down jacket, it can be removed for storage. During the warm season, the jacket on the fluff should be stored on the shoulders in a dry place, preferably under an airtight cover.

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