The population of the USA in the modern period

If we consider the ethnic composition of the populationpeace, then Americans are among the largest nations. The size of the US population, which is a fairly multiethnic country, allows the American people to occupy the third place in the world. But what is the national composition of the US population?

Initially, the US population was Indians,which began to ruthlessly exterminate invading in the XVI century, the European colonialists. For a long time, the number of residents in the US grew only due to immigration, the volumes of which were enormous. The bulk of arrivals - English, Irish and Scots - used English, which determined his choice as a state. Although the population in more than 70 countries has migrated to the United States as a whole.

population of the USA

After the end of World War II, the populationThe US has greatly increased due to a large influx of people from Latin America. The bulk of immigrants are Mexicans and Puerto Ricans. At this point, immigration from European countries has decreased, but the number of immigrants arriving from Asia has increased.

It should be noted that the number of intersectingthe American border of Mexicans is about 1 million people a year. And not all of them do it legally, but the desire to earn a decent pushes them to desperate measures.

In general, the US population is 83%arrived and settled immigrants from Europe. Indigenous people - Indians - account for only 0.6% of the total. For the first time brought to the United States as slaves, representatives of the Negroid race currently account for more than 12% of the total population in the United States. The rest, slightly less than 5%, are from the countries of Asia and Oceania.

national composition of the population

A diverse ethnic composition makes its contributioninto the life of the country, making the common understanding of the American people complex. However, in the US itself, there is an established stereotype - the "average American". This portrait draws the lifestyle of the average American. It should be noted that the term "average American" includes quite a few small constituent elements that characterize this image comprehensively. In particular, such moments as time allocated for sleep, food, etc. are listed.

Crossing ethnic groups has a diverseinfluence on culture and religion. The population of the United States mainly professes Christianity. As a whole in the country about 260 churches are registered. Among them, especially large (about 86) have a large number of followers (over 50 thousand). Christianity is mainly represented by Protestantism and Catholicism. The share of Orthodox Christianity is much lower.

the ethnic composition of the world's population

The last census showed the populationThe United States at 280 million people. However, this figure does not accurately reflect the reality, since a large part of the population (according to approximate estimates - about 6 million people) remains unaccounted for, as it is in constant movement across the United States in order to find a better job.

It should be noted that for the US populationmobility is characteristic. Statistics show that every year about 20% of the population change their place of residence, and a third of them move to another state or district.

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