Voznesensky Igor Matveyevich: director

Voznesensky Igor Matveyevich - Russianscriptwriter, director, author of documentary films on a criminal topic. "The police are looking for them" - one of his popular projects. Creativity Voznesensky - the topic of the article.

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Voznesensky Igor Matveyevich was born in Moscow, in1948 year. After graduation, he entered the Smolensk high school, received a specialty, which has nothing to do with cinema. Zetam became a student of VGIK. Igor Voznesensky completed his studies at the director's department of the Institute of Cinematography in 1971. On his account several films created in different genres. He is the author of scenarios for the paintings "Aquanauts", "Adventure Company", "Where is your son?". In the filmography of Voznesensky three actor's work. In addition, he composed the lyrics to the songs that sound in the Aquanauts.

"Criminal Russia"

Igor Voznesensky - director of thirty filmsthis cycle. Work on the project began in 1995. When creating each issue, both documentary materials and artistic reconstruction of events are used. The cycle "Criminal Russia" is considered one of the best Russian programs on a criminal topic. Three times the project was nominated for the "TEFI" award.

Since 2006, Voznesensky Igor - the host yetone program dedicated to the struggle of law enforcement officers with elements of the criminal world. Namely - the transfer "They are wanted by the police". Until 2007 the program was published on the First Channel. Then the shooting was suspended. In 2013, the project was revived on the channel "Peretz". The permanent leader of the program "They are searched by the police" is Voznesensky Igor Matveyevich.

Igor the Ascension film director

Art films

The film debut of Voznesensky took place in 1974,when the movie "Die" was released on the screens. A year later, the director created the film "Stunning Berendeev." This film is aimed at young spectators. The action takes place in Trubninsk - a fictional provincial town. The hero of the film is Sergey Berendeev, a student of the vocational school, shocking others with his inventions.

From 1976 to 1979, Voznesensky created several films. Among them:

  1. The Rings of Almanzor.
  2. "Budenovka".
  3. "Aquanauts."

In 1981, the premiere of the film dedicated to Arkady Gaidar was held. In the picture "I remain with you" are depicted the last days of the writer's life.

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The next film by Igor Voznesensky is a social onedrama "Recognize as guilty". In this picture we are talking about the everyday life of a police officer, who discovers his rare pedagogical abilities. And because it is doing a good thing - trying to direct a true teenager, the leader of a local gang, to the path. But he does not succeed. A guy prone to crime, is in prison.

In 1985 the premiere of Igor's film was heldAscension "Attention! To all the posts ... ". And this picture is devoted to the uneasy work of the police. The protagonist - a young law enforcement officer - on the street once meets a criminal who has been wanted for many years. The policeman enters into an unequal fight with the villain.

Other Ascension films:

  1. "Another's game."
  2. "Adventure firm."
  3. "Revenge is an art."
  4. "Ideal crime".
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