Polish cities: list and description

Poland is one of the oldest countries in Europe, its rootsexistence goes to distant antiquity, and history has more than three thousand years. It is not surprising that her land still has an imprint of the past: ancient buildings and structures, ancient monuments and castles. Poland combines incompatible things: the modern blessings of civilization and the memory of its people, and at the same time has time to keep pace with the times. All Polish cities remember and keep memories of their history, each of which is special.

Cities of Poland

Polish cities
Each of them is beautiful and unique, full ofunique atmosphere thanks to paved streets, squares, parks and museums, pristine nature, medieval spirit that lives in the architecture of houses. Many of the buildings were preserved in their original form, something was destroyed by time and wars, in their place there were restored buildings. The number of cities at the moment is 915. Of these, the largest are Warsaw, Krakow, Lodz, Szczecin, Wroclaw, Poznan, Gdansk. Polish cities are the most important asset of the country, some of them are protected by UNESCO as cultural property. Many of them are famous for their secrets and unique traditions. The city of Zakopane, for example, is famous for its proximity to the mountains, clean air, spaciousness and splendor of landscapes. In Elblong, those who wish can admire the huge port, Sosnowiec is famous for the lack of industry in the city, preserving cultural monuments in its integrity, Mikolajki is suitable for fans of outdoor activities.

Krakow is the oldest city

polish city
It is considered the oldest city in the country,is the second largest, but not the most important. Once it was the capital of Poland for several centuries until in 1596, with the change of power, the center did not move to Warsaw, the city that is the country's capital to this day.

Krakow - the first Polish city that wasIt is built on the territory of the country, today it plays the role of the main trade point. On its streets there are a lot of antique shops, on the shelves of markets are laid out for sale works of local artisans and craftsmen. But this does not stop the trade, many shopaholics are constantly coming to the city to buy fashionable boutiques of brand clothes and accessories.

Krakow is the center of cultural enrichment, exquisite entertainment, historical treasures with hundreds of monuments and places where you can escape from worldly vanity and experience the spirit of history.

Country Center - Warsaw

the first Polish city
The city almost rose from the ashes after the eventsWorld War II, but this did not stop him from retaining his reputation as one of the most popular places in Poland. Not all the buildings that managed to be restored were preserved in their original form, but still, walking around the city, you will feel that there is still a spirit of history and time in it. Along with the exquisite architecture, the modern atmosphere, to which the capital is famous, fits into the general atmosphere. Today, Warsaw is called the city of youth. The rest of the Polish cities can not boast of such fame, and in the meantime students come to Warsaw to study, music constantly plays in the streets, clubs, bars and discos work all night long. There are many street artists in the squares, ready to draw you at any time against the backdrop of the city's main attractions, such as the Royal Castle, the column to King Sigismund, the Church of the Holy Cross, the Palace on the Water, cathedrals, the Warsaw Citadel.

City of the North - Gdansk

Polish city in the delta of the Vistula
The Polish city in the Vistula delta, the longestthe country's river, is the scientific and cultural center of the country. A large number of tourists come there to see and enjoy with their own eyes the developed areas of science, culture and art. The port city was built and towered due to sea trade, wealth coming to water from other countries, allowed it to develop in all directions, practically living in luxury.

Today the city is actively developingindustrial, shipbuilding, food and petrochemical industries. Residents of Gdańsk are engaged in a fairly rare activity - the processing of amber, which is why it proudly wears the title of world capital of amber. Other Polish cities simply do not possess such knowledge. Despite the active industry, which, it would seem, must pollute the surrounding atmosphere, the city is trying to maintain a balance and with great care regard the protection of the environment from harmful influences.

The Forgotten Cities of Poland

smolensk polish city
Around the middle of the 16th century, the Polish Kingdomunited with the Lithuanian principality and formed a federation, called Rzeczpospolita, which literally translates as "common cause". Through numerous battles and conquests, the federation grew in territory, capturing cities and occupying parts of other countries: Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Slovakia. During the Troubles in Russia, Rzeczpospolita set its sights on Smolensk, and within five years the city passed into the possession of the new state. To return the taken away lands, it took Russia almost half a century, during this time the city managed to imbue with Polish culture, its inhabitants got used to the fact that Smolensk is a Polish city, for which they were persecuted by threats and links to Siberia.

Myth of the Polish city

There is a city whose name you can enterin the delusion of some people. Of course, we are talking about the town of Yuryev-Polsky, in the title of which is a clear reference to Poland. However, this is often misleading. He was never part of the Polish cities, although he was attacked and burnt by the Poles in the 17th century, and his name came from his founder, Yuri Dolgoruky. The second part of the name was invented in order to clarify the location of the city. In Suzdal, the word "opolye" meant a field, a place where the city was located and distinguished it from others that had a similar name: Yuryev, Yuryev-Povolsky and others. The city is located in the Vladimir region and keeps on its territory architectural monuments that have been preserved since the foundation: the St. George's Cathedral, the remains of the St. George's Polish Kremlin and others.

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