The doctor-rheumatologist Evdokimenko Pavel Valerevich: biography, activity and responses

The doctor-rheumatologist Evdokimenko Pavel Valerevichdeeply convinced and writes about this in his book "The reason for your illness. What is guessed, but doctors do not say, that any disease is a consequence of strong negative experiences. Any person can understand the cause of the ailment and overcome it, but for this he must understand himself and his illness.

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Evdokimenko Pavel Valeryevich is currentlyis the author of ten popular books on health, in addition, his articles have been published and continue to be published in the magazines "Your Child", "World of Health", "New Pharmacy".

Doctor's Biography

In 1984 Evdokimenko Pavel Valerievich withhe graduated from the medical school with a degree in medical assistant, then ten years later received a doctorate diploma after graduating from the Moscow Medical Institute, and worked for a long time in the Moscow city center of arthrosis.

Currently, the doctor is treatingdiseases of the spine and joints in one of the Moscow medical centers. Pavel Valeryevich Evdokimenko is convinced that the doctor should not neglect all existing methods of treating any disease. If a patient needs treatment with herbs or leeches for the recovery of the patient, it is the medical worker's duty to prescribe this treatment. Pavel Valerievich himself tries not only to limit himself to previously acquired knowledge, the doctor must constantly grow and supplement his knowledge and use everything that is useful.

Evdokimenko Pavel Valerievich gymnastics

His wife, Lana Paley, twenty years agoTogether with her husband she developed a special gymnastics that helps to correct the posture, cure completely the scoliosis, kyphosis and other diseases of the back. In her book Better than Yoga, Lana Paley gives advice on how to strengthen the muscles of the whole body with normal exercises, improve the figure, lose weight.

Causes of diseases

As it may sound banal, but the reason forall diseases are stress. For example, anger and a splash of negative emotions can narrow the blood vessels around the joint, as a result, it gets less nutrition and, therefore, will quickly begin to break down. Or, as a result of negative emotions, stress hormones are released that begin to erode the cartilaginous tissue of the joint.

It happens that after a psychosis someone is clampedmuscles of the back and neck, the person twists, as a result - osteochondrosis or herniated discs of the spine. Pavel Valeryevich Evdokimenko, after much research, came to the conclusion that many people suffer from back pain due to self-hatred, money problems, fear of their careers and financial situation, as well as anger or when a person feels helpless and anxious.

How to help yourself?

In order to defuse the situation, the doctor gives several tips:

  • For men, you can hang a gymnastic pear at home and, under stress, walk and tap it, imitating a fight.
  • Fast run.
  • Gambling, but without money.
  • Bright intimate relations.
    evdokimenko pavel valerevich doctor rheumatologist

There are ways of detente for women:

  • Dancing.
  • Singing.

But the trouble with modern society is that all of the above ways, oddly enough, can be condemned by the public.

Treatment of knees

Doctor Evdokimenko Paul has a lot of books about treatmentjoints. One of them recently appeared in the world - it's a bestseller "If you hurt your knees. Healing gymnastics, in which he describes in detail the cause of pain in the knees. If you fully follow the advice of a doctor, perform gymnastics Yevdokimenko Pavel Valerevich, heal the medications and herbs that he advises, you can completely cure arthrosis and other diseases of this joint. As the doctor himself says, all drugs are sold in any pharmacy in Russia.

The book "Pain in the Feet"

The book "Pain in the Feet" reveals in more detail andhelps to cure foot diseases, such ailments as arthrosis, arthritis, gout, sciatica, Bekhterev's disease and so on. The complexity of the monograph is that it must be read thoughtfully and not make hasty conclusions.

The doctor has a book for treatmentarthritis - a serious illness that does not give a person peace of mind: he can not sleep at night, joint pain is like a dental one, and doctors often can not help such patients.

evdokimenko pavel valerevich reviews

Evdokimenko VP gives some advice to such patients, for example, what medicines and herbs to use, what to do gymnastics, how to adhere to a certain diet and so on.

The motto of the doctor is one main rule: whatever storms around you do not rage, whatever happens - learn to live and have fun. A day lived without pleasure, or, in other words, little happiness is a day spent in vain.

Where does Pavel Evdokimenko take over?

Anyone wishing to consult a doctor canin advance to make an appointment. Now Pavel Valerevich accepts patients in the clinic "Health is the basis of everything". The building is located in Moscow on Leninsky Prospekt, 82/2. The entrance is located from the courtyard, above the door hangs a sign "Medical Center ZOV."

Since the reception is strictly on record, then insideEach patient's building is met by the secretary and conducted to the doctor. Before you come to the doctor, you need to bring the results of the tests, which everyone has. So, with knee and hip arthrosis, an x-ray of the patient's joint is needed, a clinical analysis of blood from the finger and from the veins for the presence of rheumatology and uric acid.

Dr. Evdokimenko's website

Those people who suffer from intervertebral hernia, should bring the result of magnetic resonance imaging, and not only the description, but the picture itself.

evidokimenko n in

In a word, you can learn about this in detail onsite of the doctor himself, which is called "Doctor Evdokimenko" or call the phone published on the page. Thus, the question of where Evdokimenko Pavel Valerievich accepts can be answered quite simply. To do this, go to the website of the doctor who bears his name.

In order to fully trust the doctor,it is possible to read responses of patients about methods of treatment Evdokimenko. A great many grateful letters and messages arrive every day on the e-mail of the four Evdokimenko. Many comment on the doctor's books, because not everyone can get to the reception. The first consultation of a doctor costs five thousand rubles, and the next already begin with a mark of four thousand to three and a half.

Conclusion: patient feedback

Evdokimenko Pavel Valerievich reviews of patientshighly appreciates, because they are written from the heart, from the depths of the soul, and not through coercion. Almost every day someone thanks the doctor for his simple and affordable methods of treatment, especially it is valuable when people write who have lost all hope of curing a serious illness. Sometimes such a disease as cancer can be cured, completely changing the way of life and thoughts.

For Dr. Evdokimenko, it is clear that in most cases, a disease can be cured by simple, accessible methods without any miracles, in the most understandable way.

evdokimenko pavel valerevich where he takes

Fortunately for many people, in addition to the doctor's books,there are many videos where Evdokimenko Pavel Valerievich gives answers to the topic of losing weight, the benefits of drinking water and so on. Such doctors are a treasure of the nation, which must be protected.

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