The most dangerous predators in the world: rating, description and interesting facts

The world inhabiting our planet is rich and diverseanimals. The most dangerous predators have always aroused a great interest of a person. Firstly, it's scary, and secondly, we are so organized that we want to know who is the strongest, brave, beautiful, terrible, and so on. And it does not matter who we are talking about - ourselves or our brothers our smaller (well, or large). To date, experts do not have a common opinion as to which animals are the most ferocious predators of the planet. Probably, once they were dinosaurs, and today this title is worthy of different kinds. This is amphibians, and marine life. In this article we will introduce you the Top 10 most dangerous predators in the world.

Polar bear

The first in our rating we will represent the northerngiant, the largest terrestrial predator. It's a polar bear, or a polar bear. Its weight reaches eight hundred kilograms, and the length of the body is three meters. Scientists note that this animal with a high level of intelligence, which easily focuses on the vast ice expanses.

the most dangerous predators in the world

This bear hunts all the year round. This is due to the fact that, unlike his brown fellows, he does not go into hibernation. These giants feed on fish and small animals. As a rule, the most dangerous predators in the world attack people. A polar bear is no exception, but an attack usually follows only when the animal feels aggression from the person or his fear.


This amazingly beautiful cat in naturalconditions inhabits our country in the Far East, as well as in China, Iran, Afghanistan, and India. When people are asked: "Which predator is the most dangerous in the world?", Most of them call it a tiger.

Among the felines, this is really one of the mostdangerous and large animals. Its weight reaches seven hundred kilograms and more. In search of prey, these predators are able to overcome enormous distances, not only during the day, but also at night. For a day, in case of successful hunting, the tiger eats up to ten kilograms of meat.

The 10 Most Dangerous Predators in the World

Hunting it is based on the factor of surprise. Without issuing a single sound, the striped handsome men jump out of the ambush and attack their prey. In an instant, they gnaw the vertebra to the animal. Tigers can become cannibals when they lack food. In our time, the population of these representatives of felines throughout the world has significantly decreased.


But these animals are widely distributed in ourlatitudes. They are the most dangerous predators in the world, living in the forest more often. Usually wolves hunt a pack. This makes them even more dangerous, since the victim has to fight several powerful killers. Immediately several young and strong wolves begin to chase prey. "Lead" the chase dominant male. Nearby, there is always a dominant female. As soon as the victim accidentally stumbles and falls, she is attacked by a hungry ferocious flock. Their sharp fangs tear the flesh in an instant, leaving no chance for the animal to save.

animal world's most dangerous predators


The wild world is amazing and unpredictable. The most dangerous predators often remain practically invisible until the attack itself. This primarily affects the crocodile. It merges with the water surface and monitors its potential victim. Choosing the right moment, the monster makes a throw and attacks.

wild world the most dangerous predators

The main weapon of crocodiles is the powerful jaws andsharp teeth that allow the predator to hunt for very many large animals. For example, the Nile crocodile can kill a zebra or even a buffalo. The predator awaits the animals that go to his ambush on the watering hole. He grabs them with his "iron" teeth and tightens it under the water. There he starts to rotate his head quickly, until a piece of flesh is in his mouth.

Komodo Varan

Looking at the photo below, it's hard to believe thatbefore you is a lizard. The length of this reptile reaches three meters, and the weight often exceeds one hundred and fifty kilograms. It is a fast and powerful animal, capable of killing its prey, which exceeds its size by a factor of two.

what predator is the most dangerous in the world

Victory in the battle is ensured by the poisonousbite. For this reason, by a miracle, an animal that has escaped from the embrace of a predator, after a short time, still perishes. Usually the prey warrant waits in ambush. But if necessary, this huge lizard can swim and run. In one sitting, the Varan eats about seventy kilograms of meat.

Killer Whale

The most dangerous predators in the world are lurkingman not only on earth, but also in water. The name of this large animal is Killer Whale. It is translated from English as a "whale killer". It is really a very dangerous predator. Killer whale is an unsurpassed master of hunting, which is not surprising in the presence of enormous physical strength.

Of all predators living in the water, the killer whale can boast of a wide variety of diets. She eats seals and penguins, which are enough under the water. In addition, they catch a large fish.

animal world's most dangerous predators

Orca - animals are social, live in the creeks ina company of dozens of relatives. And they go to the hunt for a group. Some of these predators are so ferocious and aggressive that they sometimes eat other aquatic carnivores.

Bear brown

In North America, there are brown bears (grizzlies). Local residents, like, however, and many experts, believe that this is the most dangerous animals on Earth. A ferocious huge beast often grows on its hind legs. Its growth reaches two meters, with a weight of four hundred kilograms.

 the most ferocious predators of the planet

Grizzly has powerful jaws and paws that are easycan deal with a person. This kind of clubfoot is also dangerous because he is also an excellent swimmer. Meeting a man with a grizzly almost always ends in tragedy.

a lion

Often the most dangerous predators in the world receivevery sonorous titles. For example, the lion is called only the king of beasts. And he justifies his rank. Its power allows you to hunt large animals (wildebeest or buffalo). These predators live in pride, all members of the family participate in the hunt. Adult animals play with the young in the hunt. Obtained skills will certainly be useful for young individuals in their future adulthood.

the most dangerous animals on earth

It is necessary to take into account the impressive size of these animals, their strength and power. All these qualities allow the lions to take their proper place in the list of "The most dangerous predators in the world."


This is one of the representatives of leopards. But, unlike them, panthers are animal-melanists, with one even coloring. Black cats are much more aggressive than leopards. They can approach a person quite close, because they do not feel fear at all.

Panther - a very graceful and beautiful animal. Her body in length can reach one hundred and eighty centimeters (including a tail of one hundred and ten centimeters), with a mass of just under one hundred kilograms. In natural conditions occurs in tropical countries, especially common on the island of Java.

the most dangerous predators in the world

Panthers are very clever and cunning predators,possessing perfectly developed sense organs. Huge value in successful hunting has color: it is impossible to see them in the dark when they go hunting. In addition, they creep silently.

White shark

And yet, what predator is the most dangerous in the world? We said that there is no unequivocal answer to this question, but most experts believe that, in comparison with all the others, the greatest threat to their "neighbors" is a white shark. Yes, in the risk zone are only inhabitants of the sea depths, well, a man who ventured to "visit" the mysterious underwater world. But from this terrible monster does not become less dangerous.

If this predator chose his prey, then the chancesthere is no escape for any living being. The streamlined shape of the body allows the thunder of the seas to move quickly, and the incredibly powerful jaws are a real assassin's weapon. White shark can make surprisingly sharp maneuvers, despite their impressive size. In pursuit of the victim, she even jumps out of the water. A lot of sharp teeth determine the outcome of the hunt. By the way, an interesting fact: even if a shark loses a tooth, a new one grows very quickly, no less acute.

The 10 Most Dangerous Predators in the World

Scientists claim that in her entire life shevaries up to fifty thousand teeth. Hunting, the shark always makes a "trial" bite, which should weaken the victim. While the prey loses its strength, the predator is waiting. Only after a while the shark again swims to the victim and eats it.

The most dangerous predators in the world: interesting facts

  • The male crocodile has a real "harem" - about ten females.
  • People arrange themselves to unloading days, and crocodiles have unloading years. A predator may not eat the whole year.
  • Crocodiles swallow stones that remain in the stomach, helping to grind food and normalizing the center of gravity of the animal.
  • The wool of the bears is two-layered: the upper one - the shorter one - protects against the cold, and the longer one - from the water.
  • At the sight of a trap, a bear often rolls a stone to him, and then at no risk eats the bait.
  • During hibernation, the bear's pulse slows down five-fold, from forty to eight beats per minute.
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