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Joan Woodward - the first actress to be awardedstars on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. This amazing woman by the age of 85 had time to film almost in 70 film projects, to gain fame as a television producer, to visit the spouse of the famous director Newman and produce four children. What is known about the past and present of the film, what roles did it play?

Joan Woodward: biographical information

The famous actress was born in the stateGeorgia in 1930 in the family of a businessman working in the publishing industry. Despite the fact that Joan Woodward's parents had no direct relationship to the world of cinema, her fate was predetermined in advance. The girl's mother could not live without viewing the works of cinema, even chose the child's name after her favorite movie heroine.

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If you believe the legend, Joan Woodward finallywas determined with the future profession at the age of nine, having got to the premiere show "Gone with the Wind". The girl was so impressed by the game of talented Vivien Leigh, that she also wanted to connect life with the movie. It is interesting that many years later she will be removed in one picture with the husband of the legendary Scarlett.

The child's childhood can not be called cloudless. Parting parents, moving to another city, parting with friends, changing schools - all this happened to survive the future celebrity. However, the difficulties only tempered the character of Joan Woodward, taught her to survive in a difficult situation.

First successes

She graduated from high school in 1947year, after which she immediately began to realize her intention to become an actress. Biography Joan Woodward indicates that after graduation she had some time to work at the theater in Greenville, which brought her first fans. "Glass Menagerie" was the first performance in which she took part.

Attractive appearance allowed a beginneractress to win in a variety of beauty contests. She participated in them first of all in order to attract the attention of the right people. Tactics provided the desired results, his first role in the film, Woodward was in already in 1955. The girl played one of the main characters in the picture "Count to three and pray, after which they started talking about her.

To consolidate Joan's success helped filming in the tape"Long, hot summer." Interestingly, her colleague was the director Newman, for whom she later married. Since then, the rising star has had no difficulty in finding interesting roles.

The best roles

The actress, who has an amazing talent forreincarnation - so the critics say about Joan Woodward. The filmography of the star acquired a picture that gave her the Oscar, in 1957. It was a drama with elements of the detective "Three faces of Eve," where the American played the main character. A difficult role allowed to fully manifest the talent of the actress, her character - a young woman suffering from personality disorder. In fact, Woodward had to play just three girls who "live" in her character.

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In 1966, Joan gets the work"Joke of God", which makes an indelible impression on her. For the adaptation of the novel is taken by her husband Paul, the actress receives the main role. The tape was called "Rachel, Rachel," she was presented to the public in 1968, brought several awards to Woodward and Newman. The heroine of the star is a schoolteacher who can not resist an authoritarian mother.

What else to see

"The influence of gamma rays on lunar daisies" - moreone joint success of the famous married couple. The plot of the picture is borrowed from the play Zindela. The character played by Joan, is a real "monster", is distinguished by vulgarity and rudeness. Later, Woodward shared with the journalists that she was literally dreaming of killing her own heroine for her brutal actions. Not surprisingly, she developed a prolonged depression.

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"Mr. and Mrs. Bridge" is a picture takendirected by James Ivory in 1990 with the participation of the actress. The role was not easy, as the plot in many respects echoed with her own life, which did not stop Joan Woodward from brilliantly coping with it. Movies that can be endlessly reviewed - the category to which this tape belongs. In the center of attention is the conjugal union, which produces an impression of the impeccable on others.

Personal life

Mutual understanding and a similar sense of humor - sothe star always explained the secret of her strong marriage. Paul Newman from 1958 remained the only man Joan Woodward. The personal life of the actress, unfortunately, was not cloudless, the couple had to endure a grievous grief - the death of her son. However, they were able to cope with this, supporting each other, raise three daughters and not stop working. It is interesting that many critics are convinced that the number of bright roles of the actress could be much greater, do not give it so much time of family life. Woodward really saw herself in the first place in the role of the wife and mother.

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Proof of the unending love of the twoFamous people are the family tradition, preserved until the death of Paul. Husband and wife rested, walking in the park, holding hands. Now Joan is 85 years old, but she continues to work as a director and producer.

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