Real names of celebrities you did not know about

We listen to the radio, watch movies, go to theaters. We all have their idols or just pets. Stars of modernity. And for someone, perhaps, the heroes of youth? We follow their life, ups and downs, but sometimes we do not even know the real names of celebrities who conquered our hearts.

real names of celebrities

A bit of history

Creative pseudonyms have never been something out of the ordinary for creative people.

Well-known Anna Akhmatova, a Russian poetess, in fact, had the name Gorenko. And the Soviet writer Demyan Bedny, was in the life Pridvorovym Yefim.

Favorite by many Soviet writer-science fiction writer Kir Bulychev was known to official bodies as Igor Mozheiko.

If we talk about an earlier period, we canremember the French poet, prose writer of the 18th century Voltaire, whose real name is François-Marie Arue. And English writer and mathematician Lewis Carroll, the author of the famous "Alice", was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson.

And did you know that Leonid Utyosov, Leonty Utesov, in fact, was actually Leizer Iosifovich Vaisbein?

real names of Russian celebrities


In the cinema, the history of pseudonyms began at the same time as the history of the movie itself. Maybe that's why today the stars change their names with ease, which is supported by directors and producers.

Real names of celebrities may varycacophony, difficult to pronounce. But sometimes there are situations when the pseudonym arises not because of the desire of the new, but as a flight from the old. So, for example, Nicolas Cage decided to replace his name, because he avoided association with his star uncle Francis Coppola.

foreign celebrities


Real names of Russian celebrities oftensurprise. So, for example, Alsou, whose name many consider unreal, actually did not take a pseudonym. She really is Alsu. But all the known Valeria just nevertheless nee Alla Perfilieva.

Someone only changes the name. So Angelica Varum was named by her parents as Maria. Someone tries to forget the name. Like Vera Brezhnev (in girlhood - Galushka) or Elena Vaenga (according to Khrulev's passport). Marina Vladi also changed her name from Polyakova-Baidarova.

Especially eccentric stars can take a chance and take a full pseudonym. Few people will decide that the Yolka is a real name. But the fact that she Elizabeth Ivantsiv, know not all.

But do not think that foreign celebritieslag behind the domestic ones. It's not like that at all. Real names of celebrities often hide not on the stage, but in ordinary life. For example, many Hollywood stars prefer to travel under pseudonyms.

Sometimes, along with his name, famous peoplechange all life. So, the outrageous Dana International was born like Yaron Cohen. Yes, the bright star is a man who underwent an operation to correct the sex.

Elton John is not Alton at all, but Reginald Kenneth Dwight. Ringo Starr was known as Richard Starkey. Even the scandalous Ozzy Osbourne is not at all and not Ozzy, but John Michael.

Not only the stage and the movie

Real names of fashion celebrities are not always advertised. So, very few people know Gabriel Bonner. But the name Coco Chanel does not cause questions.

Show Business? And then there was intrigue. For example, the sexy Anfisa Chekhova is in fact Sasha Korchunova.

The most vivid pseudonym of the modern Russianliterature is Boris Akunin, who created adventures of representatives of the Fandorin family. Many know that this writer, historian, japanist - Chkhartishvili. But the fact that Anna Borisova, Anatoly Brusnikin - it's all the same names of Gregory Shalvovich, already very few people know.

So how can you be sure that you know who your idol is, even if the hero of the childhood of millions of Walt Disney's children turned out to be Walter Eolayas ?!

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