Circular saw manual with the possibility of stationary installation: how to choose? Additional accessories

With the invention of various tools working from the network, the work of professional masters and amateurs has become much easier. The result is more in line with modern requirements.

Circular saw manual with possibilitystationary installation is indispensable for people whose activities are related to woodworking. Today, there are many manufacturers offering such a technique to the consumer. Choose the best option will help expert advice.

General information

The appearance of a circular saw in the twentieth century greatly improved such a labor-intensive type of activity as woodworking. Since that time, this device was supplemented by different elements and improved.

The first company that managed to create a truly affordable circular for the consumer was the German company AEG.

Circular saw manual with possibilitystationary installation is a high-end tool. Its ability to work from a domestic network (220 V), it owes that first technique of German production.

Circular saw manual with the possibility of stationary installation

The process of adding a device to differentfunctions and innovations has almost been completed. Nowadays companies producing electric tools only improve the quality of their products, the safety of its operation, and the accuracy of settings. Today, these parameters are subject to increased demands.

Scope of application

The presented variety of the electrotoolis designed for direct longitudinal sawing of various materials from wood, as well as plywood, chipboard, fiberboard, MDF panels. It can also perform cross cutting.

Circular saw manual with the possibility of stationary installation Baikal

Outside the competence of the equipment presentedusually there are dense building materials (brick, plaster, concrete). Circular saw hand-held with the possibility of stationary installation Makita (some models, for example, 4101RH) are supplied with diamond discs, as well as a water supply system. But this is, rather, an exception to the rules. The usual average instrument of domestic or foreign production can not boast of such qualities. But it can be used calmly for cutting sandwich panels, plastic, laminate or even plexiglass. Quite often in modern models there is a possibility of slate cutting.

Circular disc

The very first criteria for choosing a circular saw with a stationary fixture are cutting disks. Their diameter, shape and material determine the type of work for which the equipment is suitable.

Circular saw manual with the possibility of stationary installation which one to choose

This element determines the depth of the cut. It directly depends on the engine power. The larger the diameter of the cutting blade, the more complex is the principle of the equipment systems. For larger cutting elements, a more complex stabilization system is used.

This affects the weight and cost of the instrument. For professional processing of materials, it is necessary to purchase circular discs with a disc diameter of 165-240 mm. For home use products 140-150 mm are quite suitable. Universal discs are 150-165 mm. They are suitable for almost all types of work.

Engine power

From the class of power of the motor equipment depends the stability of its functioning, as well as the duration of continuous operation. This, accordingly, affects the speed of cutting materials.

For household purposes, a device with a capacity of800 watts. The models are considered to be 900-1200 watts. To them, for example, a circular manual saw with the possibility of a stationary installation of Interskol DP 165, which is quite popular today among masters of different levels, can be referred to them.

For professional activities it is customary to purchase equipment with a capacity of more than 1200 W.

Speed ​​of rotation

The speed of rotation of the disk is one of the mainparameters, which is characterized by a circular manual saw with the possibility of stationary installation. Which model to choose, it will be easier to understand after a detailed review of this characteristic.

Together with the shape of the disc and the size of its teeth, the speed of rotation affects the cleanliness of the saw. The higher the speed, the greater the torque.

Circular saw manual with the possibility of stationary installation Makita

This parameter also affects the heating temperaturematerial during processing. If the speed is too high, the plastic panels and blanks can not be cut with this technique. The edges will just melt.

If the model provides a speed control, then this is a more versatile device. Otherwise, the torque is selected strictly under the conditions of work.

Protection system

Many manufacturers providevarious systems of protection of the operator and equipment in the process of work. These are important options that a manual circular saw should have with the possibility of a fixed installation. With their own hands to perform various actions will not only be easy, but also safe.

Circular saw manual with the possibility of stationary installation with their own hands

It is highly discouraged to save on the protection system. Circular - equipment that relates to high-end power tools.

Protective elements include a device that maintains a constant speed of rotation. Soft start prevents overheating of the unit and its engine.

A very useful option, provided in some models, is the system shutdown at high loads.

The electrodynamic brake is capable of instantly stopping the rotation of the disk when the master releases the spin button.

Customer Reviews

Today, the market of power tools presents many copies of foreign and domestic equipment. Their cost differs quite strongly.

Criteria for choosing a circular saw with a fixed attachment

Users noted that to carry out workat home, inexpensive domestic copies are quite suitable. A circular manual saw with the possibility of stationary installation "Baikal", as well as "Fiolent", "Interskol" proved their reliability, than they deserved the people's recognition.

Professionals choose the models of foreign brands Bosch, Makita, AEG, etc. This is due to the greater specialization of such equipment, which is very suitable for industrial production.

Some Tips for Choosing

Circular saw manual with possibilitystationary installation due to this feature is recognized as a tool of a higher class. This feature is provided even in lightweight models. This approach facilitates the work of the master, who does not need to always keep the unit in hand.

When choosing this technique, you need to pay attention to a few nuances. The power cord must be positioned so that it is difficult for it to fall under the blade of the disc. Its length should be 3-4 m.

In any circular, you will need to change the brushes once. Access to them should be easy. Also, the ergonomics of the device should be evaluated in the store. On this depends the comfort of processing.

The type of device must be selected strictly forthose conditions that exist in this case. There is no need to purchase an expensive professional saw for domestic purposes. But on the quality of parts, the system of protection is highly discouraged. The safety of the work depends on this.

Having familiarized with such equipment ascircular saw manual with the possibility of a stationary installation, it is possible to choose the correct model of power tools. It will serve long and fruitfully for the benefit of its owners.

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