How to answer "salaam aleikum!"?

How to respond to the greeting "salam aleikum!"(In the correct transcription" as-salamu aleikum ")? Over the past two decades, this issue attracts a lot of attention from the Russian-speaking population. This is probably connected with the conflict between the Russian Federation and the Islamic state. However, this is a completely different topic for discussion.

What is "salam aleikum!"?" Translation of the Arabic greeting means "peace to you". Muslim traditions and customs have always been radically different. Naturally, Allah (that is, the Arab God) is placed above all, and then the family. When salaam aleikum is greeted, the answer should be appropriate: that is, with the same respect and reverence. This gesture is all said in the holy book of Muslims under the name "Koran" (translated from Arabic as "reading aloud"). According to the laws of scripture, every right Muslim lives.

Salam alaykum response

"Salam aleikum!": Translation and response

This phrase is a standard greetingamong Muslims and used in all cases of life and its contexts. "Salam aleikum" in Arabic colloquial speech is used as often as "Allahu Akbar" (the phrase in which Muslims elevate their God, in translation - "Allah is Great").

A typical response to the greeting "as-salyamu aleikum!" Is "ua-aleykum as-salami", which means "and peace to you" in Arabic from Russian.

This greeting changed significantlyAbbreviated forms of neighboring languages ​​- from Malagasy (the language of the inhabitants of the island and the state of Madagascar) to Urdu (Indo-European language, common in Pakistan). The most popular modified greeting is the word "salam" (in the Persian salam).

Salam Aleykum Translation

How are Muslims forgiven?

Muslims have two most common goodbyes:

  • "Isle-salaam alek!", Which means "peace to you from Allah" in Russian translation;
  • "Haer," that is, "goodbye!".

The difference of the above mentioned farewells is only that inIn the first case, a person wishes good, health and prosperity from Allah. That is, he expresses maximum respect for the interlocutor. After all, the desire of God is the highest degree of reverence. In the second case, it's just a banal and unforgivable farewell.

Reply to greeting salam aleikum

"Salam aleikum!": The answer and the shortened form "salam"

Over the last century, residents of countries with mixeda population professing different religions (in which Islam remains dominant and predominant) increasingly use the greeting not as "as-salyamu aleikum", but simple and shortened "salami" (or salam). At the same time, people of another faith greet Muslims and others with a shortened word. How to respond to "salam"? When you address to you with the word "salam" you can answer the same way, and you can and fully - "ua-aleykum as-salami."

How do Jews welcome each other?

"Shalom Aleichem!"(Ashkenazic pronunciation -" Sholom Aleichem ") is a form of greeting that is traditional among Jews around the world. This greeting, as a rule, is used by Ashkenazi Jews (German-speaking European Jews). In modern Hebrew also use a shorter version of the greeting "shalom". In response to such treatment, one should say "Aleichem Sholom".

Salam aleikum translation answer

Answer is always necessary, using as many words as in the greeting

With the above-mentioned forms of greeting, we have alreadyhave familiarized, however everyone familiar "as-salyamu alejkum" is the reduced form of the given well-being. The full version in translation means "peace to you, the mercy of Allah and His blessing." In accordance with the law of the Koran, every Muslim should respond as openly and verbosely. The ideal answer is "va-aleikum as-salam va-rahmatu-llahi wa-barakyatuh", which translates as "and to you peace, the mercy of Allah and His blessing."

How to respond to salam

Why is it so important for Muslims? Welcome Example

The Muslim people all their lives directlyis associated with religion and religion. Every Muslim should know the Koran as his name. He must also say prayers several times a day. The phrase "as-salyamu aleikum" has a rich meaning, which every representative of Islam remembers.

On the phrase "salam aleikum!" The answer should be "wah-alaykum as-salami". This is how mutual respect and respect are expressed in greeting.

"As-Salam", as already mentioned above,is translated as "peace". In this concept much meaning is invested, that is, the world is, overnight, "safety", "prosperity", "well-being", "health" and "prosperity." This word is included in the "99 names of Allah" (the names of God, taken from the Koran and Sunnah). Proceeding from this it can be understood that every Muslim who said "as-salyama" means that Allah is "God who bestows peace and prosperity, he is pure and has no drawbacks."

The ambiguous nature of the salamah and its derivatives

In this, the lexical secrets of the Arabic language are notend. The root of the word "salam" comes from the word "Muslim" (as well as "Muslim"). Among Muslims, it is believed that a person who worships Allah is an example of imitation for society. Sincerely the believer shows his actions and actions reliability and security. A Muslim is the embodiment of peace, good, order and a healthy lifestyle. Such a person always knows what he wants from life, he has an idea of ​​the universe and himself.

So they promise that they will be responsible for the life of the interlocutor

A Muslim who said "salami" to himself,in one word, he expresses his respect, respect and prosperity from the Most High, who will protect from all the unfavorable. That is, such words are considered a wish for security among representatives of the monotheistic Abrahamic religion. When greeting "salam aleikum!" The answer should sound with great desire and reverence. Such rules. "Salam" is an unspoken promise to ban encroachment on property, honor and life.

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