Why was red called red? Value of color

An unusual color. It is associated with passion, power, fire, war. Saturated and heavy, bright and hot at the same time. It's a red color.

why red was called red

Despite the fact that we have the ability to paint anything at any desired shade, red always attracts attention. So it's interesting, why red was called red, and not somehow different?

The opinions of linguists

Many linguists believe that earlier people had a definition for only two colors - white and black. And just the color in question was the next one, which got its definition.

Previously, this color had many other names. Some of them are used now. So, for example, purple, scarlet. Now they rather indicate a certain shade. The word "scarlet" was also distributed, the origin of which was explained by the fact that the dyes of this color were obtained with the help of worms of a special kind. So why red was called red, if there were so many other words denoting it?

Linguists associate this, for the most part, withrethinking the meaning of the word in the sense that it is a beautiful, good color, which causes the greatest number of positive emotions. You know, as they used to say, "red girl", "red sun". Hence the root "red" has changed color, and this explains why the red was called red, according to the assumptions of scientists studying the origin of words.

Attention! Red Book

Many famous names are also associated with this color. So, for example, you can find out why the Red Book is red.

why the red book is red
Why it was not called green or brown, orblue? Because there is no other color that attracts more attention. It is for the same reason that many road signs are made in red tones. They call for drawing attention to themselves, so that the driver knows about the possible dangers on the road. And also you might think that this color is the color of blood, and this directly relates to the suffering of animals that are listed in the Red Book. Thus, the book attracts its color and briefly characterizes its content.

No less known is the use of this color for one famous sea.

Why the Red Sea is called "red"

Many hypotheses are connected with this, but, in fact, you will agree - it does not look so scarlet to give it such a name.

why the red sea
Why not blue, green, blue, dark? There are hypotheses that explain that the Red Sea was called such because of the biblical stories. When Moses translated the Jews across the sea, the abyss parted and the people quietly passed. But the persecuting people died as a result of the fact that after letting the Jews, the waters of the sea again came together, and from the color of the blood that filled it, the sea was given such a name.

It is possible that the name is derived from bacteria,bloom which can cause a reddish shade of the surface. But this happens very rarely. In some places off the coast the rocks have a characteristic copper shade. The reason for this is the high content of iron oxides. Perhaps navigators, passing by these rocks, which go deep and thereby give the water areas a distinctive color, took the whole sea for red. It is noteworthy that the name customary for our ears is used only on the expanses of European countries. Hebrew gives the name Yam Suf, the translation of which is not connected in any way with scarlet shades. It means "reed" or "reed". For the Egyptians, the sea is called Vazi-Vr, and this connection is green - the literal translation of "Green Space".

Characteristics of the effect on humans

From the point of view of physiology, it is interesting that thiscolor stimulating effect on the nervous system, can improve blood circulation, release adrenaline, and also increases sexual desire and sexuality. Agree, because all men like when a woman is dressed in a red dress or she has such a lip color, which is easy to achieve with the help of the necessary lipstick.

red color title

If we talk about energy properties,The red color, whose name is associated with everything good, can really impart a strong energy. But the problem is that this energy is rather rude, and in large quantities provokes aggression and even causes fury. Therefore, if you want to apply this color in the interior, then do not give it to him completely. You do not need to make completely bright red walls or the same ceiling and floor. He must be present in moderation and competently - in some detail, emphasizing the interior.


It is not important why the red was called red. He is able to increase activity, confidence and, at the same time, open a strong soul to friendliness. A person can be confident in the future, he has leadership qualities - if he chooses for himself and prefers red color. Remember, did you see a dull person dressed in a bright scarlet defiant outfit? To do this, you need to be bold enough and confident, and this is how a person who chooses clothes (accessories, interior items, etc.) for the color of blood is characterized.

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