The most famous islands of Africa

Africa today is full of mysteries. This continent is washed by the waters of the Red and Mediterranean Seas, as well as by the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. Its area is more than 30 million km². But this figure includes the adjacent to the Black Continent of the island. It's about the islands of Africa that I want to talk more. They, like fragments of paradise, are scattered in the warm waters of the oceans. Each island is beautiful in its own way.

Islands of Africa

The Island of Madagascar

Information about this bright exotic placemany have learned from the eponymous children's cartoon. On TV screens we saw ridiculous fussy lemurs, greedy and gluttonous Foss and other unusual characters. The thing is that this island separated from Africa and India many millions of years ago, and here is concentrated a large number of endemic animals.

Madagascar, like many islands in Africa, beforewas a foreign colony. For a long time here ruled the French. Today it is an independent Republic of Madagascar with a population of more than 17 million people.

islands off the coast of Africa

Madagascar, like other islands of South Africa -a unique place of rest. In fact, this is a huge open-air zoo. Here the baobabs prop up the sky, and gentle waves tickle the golden sand of beaches, the total length of which exceeds 5 thousand km. The year here mainly consists of sunny days, and the water in the ocean is always warm. Just a few months, wind blows. The dry season lasts from April to November.

Madeira Island

The island in the North Atlantic is also amazing. It is located on the African lithospheric plate and is geographically assigned to Africa. But it is so interwoven with cultural, ethnic and political roots with Europe that it has become a part of it.

Islands of Africa

The island of volcanic origin withsubtropical and tropical climate. The air temperature here is 20-30 ° C, and the Gulf Stream provides warm water near the beaches. Madeira Island has a rich flora. Many endemics have also been preserved here. About 20% of the island area is occupied by relict laurisilva forests. There is a Madeira pigeon and a lot of endemic insects.

Madeira Island is an autonomous part of Portugal.

Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are a volcanic archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean. Geographically it is the islands of Africa, and politically - the autonomous community of Spain. The largest of these is Tenerife.

The climate of the Canary Islands is characterized as a tropical trade-wind. It's hot and dry here, the proximity of the Sahara desert is affecting. And the eastern lands of the archipelago are generally arid.

In the Canary Islands there are popular resorts that gather wealthy tourists from all over the world.

Canary Islands

Bazaruto Islands

It is a unique archipelago of five islandsshores of Mozambique. Here, among the orange trees are very expensive resorts, inscribed in the African flavor. However, two of the five islands are considered uninhabited.

The Bazaruto archipelago is an island off the coast of Africa,declared a national nature park. Here everything is protected: salt lakes, coral reefs, and unique beaches. Rest on the islands is permeated with incredible beauty and peace.

Bazaruto Islands

The Zanzibar Archipelago

Zanzibar is located near the continentalTanzania in the Indian Ocean. The largest islands of the archipelago are Pemba and Ungudzha. The climate here is warm and humid. The archipelago is famous for its unique white sand on numerous beaches. Many endemic plants and animals have also been preserved here. On the islands you can watch giant turtles, bright butterflies and red monkeys.


You can have a rest in Zanzibar all year round. The air and water temperature is very comfortable. Numerous islands of Africa, included in this archipelago, have a convenient and developed infrastructure. Here you can find classes for every taste.

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