How to write an essay "School of my dreams": ideas, options, tips

Let's look at an interesting and fun topic forwriting a short text, namely the work "School of my dreams." It is advisable to think carefully before starting to write: develop a plan, make sketches or notes on a draft that you do not want to forget about. Imagine a native school from the best side. Let's agree that we will not write any bad sentences in the text. If there are any problems with us, then we better start the essay on the theme "School of Dreams" with ourselves.

What should I be?

First, remember if you behaved well inlast time: offended classmates, cheated at a neighbor by the desk, laughed at the lesson, grieved parents and teachers? If so, then let's write what should we change in ourselves:

  • try to learn better, listen to teachers carefully and do homework;
  • be polite with classmates and not offend anyone;
  • Share with everyone than you can;
  • Do not be naughty, do not run (if only in physical education classes at the request of the coach);
  • be cheerful, purposeful, hardworking, respectful.

the school of my dreams

We propose to continue the list independently and the most important to include in the essay "School of my dreams".

What do I want to see in my school?

Every student, probably, dreams about somethingabout the school in which he studies. For example, girls have long wanted to ask the teacher for work to open a circle for cutting and sewing. Why not write about it in the composition? Perhaps your teacher or teacher will want to help in good desires.

my dream school

Boys, let's say, dream to open a circleradio amateur, to make the head teacher in computer science, who is well versed in electronic technology. The composition "School of my dreams" can become a reason for global changes for the better.

We dream of unusual occupations

It is rare when schoolchildren are led to nature tostudy it. Education does not allow you to ask the teacher to organize a march into the forest. But you can write about this idea in the composition. Nobody will criticize the presentation of desires, on the contrary, they can praise.

Do you dream that during the lessons there would be interesting educational games, quizzes, watching movies on the topic? Describe all this. The composition "School of my dreams" - this is not only a description of what you want to see in class, teachers, but also training of thinking activity. Maybe in the future you will become a talented writer.

Mini-composition. What is it?

The teacher may ask you to briefly describe what youwant to see at school. In this case, you do not have to paint, answering the questions: what, why exactly, justify your idea, what you see results. It is enough simply to list in each paragraph all the wishes. But do not forget that you are not writing a list, but a mini-work "The School of My Dreams." Let's give a small example:

essay on the theme school of dreams

"I want my teachers and classmates to know what I'm dreaming of, and I dream about having friends at school, listening to teachers." For me, it's important what kind of atmosphere is where we spend every day.

Let in our school it will be cozy, light and always festive. I promise that I will be ready for the lessons, polite with my classmates, obedient.

It will be good if in our school there will be a circle of radio amateurs, a swimming pool, a street playground for physical education classes, a park for rest at a break.

Despite the fact that our school does not have any of the above, it remains for me the best! "</ em </ p>

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