The world's largest countries in terms of area. Which state is the largest?

The countries of the world are very different in their area. Their sizes fluctuate in a wide range: from 44 hectares to 17 million square kilometers. Which countries are the largest in terms of area in the world? The answer to this question is in our publication!

Countries by area: classification

On the modern political map of the planet, you cansee at least two hundred states. The countries of the world are very different in area: among them there are huge, with a territory of several million square kilometers. And there are also very tiny, occupying an area of ​​several dozen acres!

There is a classification of world states on the basis of the size of the territory. So, the countries on the area are:

  • giant (more than 3 million km2);
  • large (1-3 million km2);
  • significant (0.5-1 million km2);
  • average (0.1-0.5 million km2);
  • small (10-100 thousand km2);
  • small (1-10 thousand km)2);
  • country dwarfs (less than 1000 km2).

countries by area

To the giant include only seven statesplanets, to large and significant - to 21, to medium and small - to 56 countries, to small - 8. To the dwarf states are 24 states, most of which are located in the region called Oceania.

World countries by area: the top ten

The largest states of the planet are on different continents of the Earth. Which country is larger in area than all the others? And which is the smallest?

The largest country in the world is Russia. It occupies almost 12% of the planetary land. But the smallest state in the world - the Vatican - could easily be located within a few blocks of the Russian capital. Its area is only 44 hectares.

of the world by area

Below are the largest countries by area in the world (list):

  1. The Russian Federation (17.12 million km)2).
  2. Canada (9.98 million km2).
  3. China (9.60 million km2).
  4. USA (9.52 million km2).
  5. Brazil (8.51 million km2).
  6. Australia (7.69 million km2).
  7. India (3.29 million km2).
  8. Argentina (2.78 million km2).
  9. Kazakhstan (2.72 million km)2).
  10. Algeria (2.38 million km2).

Russia is the country of a thousand records

Russia is sometimes quite justifiably called a countrythousands of records. And one of them is the size of the territory. The Russian Federation is the largest in the world. Its area is approximately equal to the surface area of ​​Pluto - one of the planets of the solar system.

which country is larger in area

On the territory of this state is the deepest lake on the planet (Baikal), the largest medieval fortress (the Kremlin of Moscow), the most northerly city in the world, a million-strong city (St. Petersburg).

The territory of the country from west to east crossesThe longest railway on the planet is the Trans-Siberian Railway. It is often referred to as the Great Siberian Way. The total length of the highway connecting Moscow with Vladivostok is 9300 kilometers. An amazing train runs along this railway line. His number: № 100E (Moscow-Yaroslavl - Vladivostok). He is on the road for 7 days and almost 3 hours! At the same time this train crosses the riverbeds of 16 rivers and connects 87 Russian cities.

It is interesting that Russia separates from the othera large state of the planet and its eternal ideological opponent of the United States is only four kilometers away. This is the distance between the Russian island of Rotmanov and the American island of Kruzenshtern in the Bering Strait.


Amazing and stunningly diversepolitical map of the planet! It is surrounded by tiny dwarf countries and huge states, thousands of times larger than their area. This article introduced you to the top ten largest countries of the world, and also told a little about the records of Russia, the leader in this rating.

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