Women's psychology: fears and conflicts

It's not a secret that female psychologyis different from the male. However, men's fears are said more often than women's - women are weak sex and therefore cowardly by definition. It sounds pretty sad. I would like to talk more about a woman and explain what and why she is frightened.

Women's psychology of conflict

Female psychology and masculine are distinct by definition and apparently by nature's intention and this generates a conflict between them, which can have devastating effects on both a woman and a man.

In accordance with the upbringing of life criteriathe world of men - status, and women - proximity. For a man it's important to be first, and for a woman it's important to keep a relationship even in spite of one's self-realization. A girl from a diaper is prepared to be a wife and mother - this is the main thing in her life, and everything else later. The boy is taught to be strong, bold, enduring, that is, to be the best. Hence the conflict between men and women begins, which is based on not understanding each other, not understanding causal relationships.

To overcome this conflict of the sexes,just realize this difference and understand each other, and for this you need to talk and explain each other your desires and causes of actions. Strangely enough, it will sound like a woman is the easiest to take the first step. Believe me, this is a step towards your happiness. Tell us about your fears and hopes and you will see that your man is not an insensitive fool, but loving and considerate.

Female Psychology of Fear

  1. The woman's greatest fear is to remain alone. Loneliness is associated with a lack of love, without which no woman can be happy. To overcome this fear you need to raise your self-esteem and learn to love yourself. If you are not happy with yourself and do not love yourself, then who will love you?
  2. Losing a child is the worst nightmare, whichonly a woman can imagine. Especially if it's the first-born. From here and listening to the breath of a child, the fear of leaving someone for a while to look after and much more. Mother Mother Nature has tried to give us the instinct of motherhood. It is possible to calm him only by trusting himself and his family, especially parents, because they have raised you and, of course, will do everything possible for the safety of the baby.
  3. Fear of aging and withering beautyis still the same fear of loneliness. On the subconscious, the associative series is growing old-to lose beauty and attractiveness-to become not loved-to remain alone. Why does everyone think that beauty is the absence of wrinkles and gray hair ?! Beauty is within you: in the eyes, movements, voice. Look around - how many happy mature marriages, and women leaving in our time to marry is not a model, but probably Balzac's age.
  4. Fear of death unites men and women. This is a normal reaction to the unknown and incomprehensible. Women's psychology, like men's, is practically the same in this respect. If we do not know something, then we do not imagine the news, what horrors. Here the main thing to remember is that it is a natural instinct of self-preservation and not succumb to it, but to live in one's own pleasure. Death is a natural part of our life.
  5. Fear of reptiles, insects androdents is some of the real phobias, the reason is often not clear. Perhaps, as a child, you were frightened, and maybe someone just gave you their fears. So, for example, if the mother is afraid of spiders, then the child will also be afraid of them. Here, too, you can cope: remove from the house everything that scares you. If you fall into hysterics at the sight of a small spider or cockroach - refer to a specialist.

Of course, everything said is very subjective and general, however, one way or another, we come across all this. The main thing with everything can be handled if you want.

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