Annihilation - what is this

After reading this article, you will become familiar with the understandingprocess of annihilation, it will be disassembled in all details, the energy significance of the process will be studied and the erroneous understanding of this phenomenon will be disassembled.

Annihilation is

So, the main question is: "Annihilation - what is this?". Annihilation is a process of collision of two elements of the given phenomenon, namely particles and antiparticles, and as a result of this phenomenon from the two opposite elementary particles new particles are formed, radically different from the initial ones.

The detailed meaning of annihilation

This phenomenon was first discovered in 1930year, but the final confirmation of the existence of such a process occurred only with the discovery of artificial radioactivity, at which positrons were emitted, and the entire process was accompanied by the release of annihilation y-radiation.

annihilation what is

The meaning of the word annihilation is often described asthe collision of two particles: particles and antiparticles, which are destroyed in the collision, form new forms of matter, but this misinterpretation of this phenomenon, which is quite deeply embedded in the scientific society and generates a lot of controversy around this issue to this day.

What is essentially annihilation? Annihilation is the process of the formation of new forms of matter from matter and antimatter, particles and antiparticles. In this process, the initial parameters of the interacting elements are preserved, namely: the system energy of the particles and their total mass, the amount of momentum, the charge and even the momentum. Thus, in the collision of an electron with a positron, both particles are not destroyed, but are converted into photons, transferring to them their mass and energy, which in this case becomes the photon energy.

meaning of annihilation

We are considering such a thing as annihilation. What is the phenomenon that has changed in the understanding of the world order and in the whole understanding of the whole universe?

This process has a significant gnoseologicalmeaning, in the literal sense of the word, destroying the early metaphysical ideas about certain aspects of the immutability of matter, because now matter can be transformed from one form into another. Annihilation opens the eyes of mankind to the very essence of matter, arguing that it is impossible to differentiate precisely the different types of matter, and in the presence of a number of circumstances, the particles can be transferred from one form to another.

Electro-positron pair

what is annihilation

The annihilation process is well studied by the examplepositron-electron pair. With a low energy charge, the colliding electron and the positron annihilate (in relation to their state) two to three photons, and the number of photons depends on the position of the particle spins. In the presence of several MeV in the charge of an electron and a positron, many-photon type annihilation can occur.

This phenomenon was also studied using neutron-antineutron and proton-antiproton pairs as examples.

Application of annihilation

We continue to disassemble the concept of "Annihilation." What is this, and what important phenomena does it contain? Also, in detail, will we understand how it can be used?

This phenomenon is used by physicists all over the world intheory of relativity. It is by means of annihilation that the energy "E" (zero) is converted into kinetic energy for reacting products. The collision of a particle and an antiparticle is always accompanied by a powerful energy release, for example, in the collision of an electron and a positron. However, in the present, this method of obtaining energy is not used because of a number of reasons, for example, prohibitive prices for antimatter and features of ways of storing antimatter. Energy and annihilation, what is hidden in this process? Simply colossal energetic resources! It was determined and calculated that the interaction of 1 kg of matter with the same amount of antimatter will result in an energy release of approximately 1.8 x 1017 joules of energy. A similar amount of energy is produced by the explosion of trinitrotoluene in the amount of 47 megatons.

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