Isaak Levitan, "Golden Autumn". Composition of the painting

The school year has begun. Teachers in August were made calendar-thematic planning, in which once a week there is a lesson on the development of speech. In this lesson, children write essays or exposition, learning to transfer their thoughts to paper with the help of written speech. There are also assignments to write an essay on "The Golden Autumn" of Levitan. " If the child does this job as a homework, it is a sin not to tell in his opus some information about this masterpiece.

Levitan Golden Autumn Sculpture

Historical background of the painting

Write an essay on Levitan's painting "Zolotayaautumn "is not difficult. It is enough to know a few secrets. Let's start with some information about the masterpiece. So, this picture was painted by the famous Russian landscape painter Isaak Ilyich Levitan in 1895. Today the canvas belongs to the Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow).

Work on the picture Levitan began in the same yearin the Gorka estate of Tver province. It is generally believed that the picture shows a birch grove, which was located half a kilometer from the artist's estate. In that place flows the river Syeja, which Isaak Ilich depicted on canvas. The artist was so carried away by the writing of the autumn landscape that he refused one of his letters to his colleague Vasily Polenov in visiting his estate. The next year, 1896, his "Golden Autumn" was exhibited in St. Petersburg with his other creations.

composition on the picture of Levitan Golden Autumn

How to write an essay

During the year, Levitan ("Golden Autumn") painted his painting. It is customary to build an essay from the elementary school as planned. It should consist of at least three items:

  • introduction;
  • main part;
  • conclusion.

The first part of the text should be small. Two or three sentences will suffice. Tell us some information about the picture: who wrote it, in what year, to what genre it belongs.

In the main part, you present an analysis of the work. First, describe everything that you see in the foreground. In our case, it is a dark blue meandering river, birch trees in gold and two slender aspen trees that have lost their foliage. Then tell us about what you see in the distance - it's the hills and the sky. And smoothly go to the analysis of color and image technology. "Golden Autumn" Levitan is attributed to the major paintings, because the artist chose bright colors, saturated with gold. The work traces the influence of Impressionism on the manner of Levitan.

The conclusion on the volume is similar to the introduction. You should write a few sentences that convey your impression of the picture.

an essay on the theme of the golden autumn of Levitan

Levitan, "Golden Autumn". The writing

Here is an example text.

"Not so long ago I was in Moscow. I had a few hours of free time, and I decided to go to the Tretyakov Gallery. Walking along the corridors, I saw a lot of paintings by famous artists. But my picture attracted my attention with the autumn landscape. On the plate near the masterpiece it was indicated that the image was written in 1895, the artist - Levitan, "Golden Autumn". I will definitely write the composition, so I wanted to know more, I turned on the player with the story from the guide about the canvas ...

In the foreground the viewer sees a meandering river. It seems to me that its depth is conveyed by a dark blue palette of colors. She inspires calm and equanimity. To the left of the river, the artist painted thin aspen aspen, surrounded by birches in gold dresses. The contrast of gold and blue gives the canvas a joy and a sense of approaching something new. Very interesting look golden crowns of birches over white trunks. In the distance one can see houses and fields prepared for winter. Transparent blue sky promises a warm and dry autumn. Isaak Levitan painted a picture of mazochkami, this suggests that his work impressionism had a significant impact.

I was inspired by the artist Levitan ("Golden Autumn"). The writing even wanted to write. Next autumn I want to spend with my grandmother to write my picture. "

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