Composition on the painting "Children's Sports School." Ideas and recommendations

The composition of the painting is one of the mostwidespread school work. You'll have to spend a lot of energy to describe the events happening on it qualitatively. In this article we will discuss the well-known picture of A.V. Saikina.

About the artist

Composition on the painting "Children's Sports School" students will be able to write without difficulty, when they learn a little about the artist.


Alexandra Vasilievna Saikina - a real masterhis own business. She graduated with honors from the art school in her native city of Penza. After the future artist received higher education in the field of painting. Being very talented, she was awarded the title, which not everyone can get - a well-deserved artist. Sikina's name became widely known in the sixties of the past, the 20th, the century. Just for this time came the flowering of her work. As a rule, Alexandra Vassilievna performed works in the field of genre painting. She liked to observe how ordinary people behave in everyday situations. More than a hundred works of the artist were put on display at an exhibition timed to coincide with her eightieth birthday in 2015.


The composition of the film by Sikina "Children's Sports School" should include a brief description of the story of what is happening.

composition on the picture of children's sports school

Before us is the training of young gymnasts. The theme of this canvas is relevant at all times: sports are good for all students. The description of this picture will help children to think about a healthy lifestyle, and, perhaps, will push them to the desire to do their physical development.

Training is in full swing. One group of girls is already rehearsing a dance with hoops. Others are sitting on a bench waiting for their turn.

The situation in the hall suggests that the time,depicted on it, is still Soviet. A typical sports hall with a Swedish wall and a clean, newly painted floor. The room is so clean that the reflections of the girls are reflected in the gloss beneath your feet.

The picture creates a vivid, positive impression. The viewer begins to feel that he is next to him and observes what is happening around him.


Any work on the picture contains, as a rule,description of the foreground and background. This is necessary in order to recreate the full picture of events. In the distance, we see a neat Swedish wall. On it lie the balls that young gymnasts use in their training. To the left of them we see how the coach deals with the girls. They are all dressed in identical black swimsuits and white Czechs. Harmony of harmony of young athletes. So you want to be close to them and do gymnastics in order to have such an ideal figure. Their faces are very serious. This indicates that they are responsible for their business. All three synchronously raise the hoops under the strict guidance of the coach. Teacher carefully explains how to properly perform the required exercise.

The composition of the painting "Children's Sports School" will be performed "perfectly" if you qualitatively describe all the necessary details of the canvas.


The central figure of this image isgirl in a red bathing suit. Her confident posture and a smile on her face suggest that she is a successful gymnast and is probably the leader. It has snow-white socks and the same dazzling bows. On the belly are seen cubes of the press, which indicates her perfect physical preparation.

essay on the picture saikina

Another girl turned her back to her. She holds the hoop and tunes in for the upcoming lesson. To the left of them on the bench are gymnasts. They are waiting for the training to begin. Each of the four gymnasts thought about her. A girl in a white swimsuit with cute blue bows seems to be sad about something. Another gymnast watches with interest the training athletes. On the right is a girl and straightens her socks. Perhaps she came to the class later than the others and now hurries to join her friends.

The composition of the painting must be completedinformation about the color scheme. She's pretty nice here. The bright colors used in the image of sports swimwear in gymnasts make the canvas lively and colorful.

Structure of work

Before writing an essay on Saikina's painting, it is necessary to draw up an approximate plan for yourself. He will help not to jump from one to another, describing the canvas, but to structure his work.

You need to start with a brief information about the artist. Next, you need to carefully look at the details of the picture and describe them as accurately as possible.

composition on the picture saikina children's sports school
To the composition of the picture was complete,It is necessary to tell about objects both on the back, and on the foreground. The description of the emotions of people, their appearance, helps to reveal the plot of the canvas. And, of course, do not forget about the colors and shades used by the artist. When the composition is finished, do not forget to share your impression received from the picture. This will add to your work of emotionality and expression.

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