Day freshman. What date do they mark? Fundamental rules.

A freshman is a student who willgo through a long and thorny path to a specialist. In order for his road to start with positive emotions, it is customary in universities to celebrate the First Year in September. What date, how and who celebrates this holiday, is described in detail in this article. More details on the example of Moscow State University.

general information

There is no more important holiday for students thanDay freshman. What a date it is, it's hard to say at once. It is generally accepted that the holiday falls on the fourth Sunday of September. In practice, however, every university and secondary school celebrate it on different days. But, despite this, everyone is trying to have a first-year students' initiation in the last decade of September. How will the festive events take place, each educational institution also decides on its own. A number of universities decide to consider September 1 as the Day of the Freshman. Accordingly, it is on this day that all the relevant activities are held.

the first-year student's day

Day freshman at Moscow State University

Everyone knows that the best Russian university of alltimes is considered Lomonosov Moscow State University. On the Day of the Freshman a number of compulsory events are held here. Usually on this day students meet at the solemn line. Then follows an hour and a half lecture. Conducted by her rector of Moscow State University Sadovnichy. After getting to know the rector, all first-year students are sent to a grand meeting.

This event is mandatoryIncludes the initiation of newly-made freshmen into students. As a rule, this is carried out within the framework of a specially prepared concert program. Recently MSU has applied a new innovative technology, thanks to which any person, whether a former student or a schoolchild who dreams to enter here, can remotely view the lecture and solemn parts of the given day. This is realized through a live broadcast on a separate website. After everyone is dedicated to students, the fountains are launched. Then freshmen are invited to a sports festival and a concert.

day freshman mgu

The role of a freshman

It is logical that in the first place this holidaynote the newly-made students. Also in the event the pedagogical staff of the university and the activists of the senior courses take part. Usually, concert programs for this case are placed on the shoulders of undergraduates. But if a holiday is celebrated at the university in late September, then recruits are invited.

The debut of freshmen can be in very differentspheres. They can be invited as a co-host of a concert or a speaker. It all depends on the student's talents. Despite the fact that no one knows exactly what day is the freshman, the basic traditions are observed by all. Without a concert and a lecture from the rector, not one university can do it. These events allow you to get to know each other, ask questions to teachers and, in fact, the rector, and feel at ease.

dedication of freshmen to students

Unusual traditions

In some universities, dedication to studentsis limited to the delivery of student tickets and test books and modest words: "Congratulations." There are also higher education institutions, in which much more attention is paid to this moment.

debut freshman

The three most common traditions of the Freshman Day:

  1. Tree of Knowledge. In the framework of this tradition, all students flow to the alley of knowledge, which is already growing a lot of trees. Directly the plant itself immerses one of the representatives of the stream into the ground. This tradition shows that with time each student "will take its roots" and become more versatile educated. While knowledge will remain in his memory immortalized.
  2. Overstepping through the threshold. As a rule, students can not just enter the main building of their school. For them, on the threshold, a symbolic log is laid, which is the symbol of the first and only trouble on the path of first-year students. In this case, of course, there is no question of what day the freshman day is. This tradition is relevant only for the first of September.
  3. Watering. The fact that getting education will not be so easy, the tradition of sprinkling "heavy water" hints at. It is realized usually at the moment when newly-entered students enter the building of the university.

Pass final examinations, and for thousandsentrants high schools will open their doors. A very important stage in their life will be initiation into freshmen. It is from this holiday that a real student life begins.

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