I wonder what kind of sea in Vietnam?

Vietnam is one of the most interesting countries in the regionSouth-East Asia. "The country of the vets in the south", as its name is literally translated, is really located in the southern part of Asia - on the Hindustan peninsula. It borders on such states as Cambodia, Laos and China. But for tourists, in addition to this knowledge, it is usually more interesting to answer the question about which seas are washed by Vietnam?

what sea in Vietnam
In fact, the state is famous not only fora developed trading system, an interesting history and culinary delights that attract a lot of tourists from all over the world to the country. In this country, beautiful sea resorts: Nha Trang, Halong, Danang, Vung Tau or Cape St. Jacques. All of them are located on the coast and are great places for a beach holiday. But the question remains open: "What sea in Vietnam?" Of course, it's warm. And throughout the year, its average temperature varies from 20 to 27 degrees Celsius. This allows almost all the year to provide an influx of tourists to the beaches of this country. But seriously, to answer what kind of sea in Vietnam, just look at the globe: like its older neighbor, China, this state is washed by the South China Sea.

Vietnamese what sea is washing

It lies between the Pacific and Indian Ocean andcovers an area of ​​as many as 3,500,000 square kilometers. Its depth reaches 5560 meters at the lowest point. But if we look more globally, then this answer to the question of what kind of sea in Vietnam is not quite accurate. It can also be said that, in fact, this country is washed by the Australasian Mediterranean Sea - this geographical term is used to refer to the sea basin between Asia and Australia in the west of the Pacific.

what seas wash Vietnamese

In general, the South China Sea is very beautiful andideal for fans of diving, because the main relief of its bottom is the countless number of coral reefs and atolls. Because of this, swimming on its waters is a rather dangerous occupation - inexperienced captains can easily land a ship stranded or get into reefs. Monsoons and typhoons also contribute to this.

Therefore, a good knowledge of the so-calledThe main sea route to get by sea from China or Russia to Vietnam. What the sea is washing the shores of this country, we actually found out. But here's an interesting fact - for Filipinos and Indonesians its naming is wrong. The fact is that traditionally the inhabitants of Indonesia call the South China Sea exclusively Indonesian. And in 2012, the Philippines also joined similar proprietary moods. President of this country Benigno Aquino III by his decree of September 5 last year renamed this sea to the West Philippine. Thus, it already has as many as 4 names that can be found on geographic maps.

Now that you know what kind of sea in Vietnam,imagine its beauty, warmth and stunning underwater views, it's time to collect your bags and prepare for travel, because the South China Sea is now a warm season, which means an excellent time for an unusual and exciting holiday.

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