How to get an academic leave at the university?

When teaching in a higher educational institutionin exceptional cases, the student can take an academic leave (AO). There are certain rules for its provision. They are regulated by the Order of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation No. 2782 of 05.11.1998. It gives not only the definition of the concept of the JSC itself, but also the grounds and procedure for obtaining it.

Grounds for obtaining JSC

Academic leave at the university
The reasons why a student wants to getAO, should be strong enough. The decision is made by the rector of the educational institution, therefore, there must be strong justifications, which are intended to convince the leadership of the need for a temporary suspension from school.

The grounds for requesting an administrative leave are:

  • medical indications (including pregnancy);
  • other exceptional cases.

The latter reasons include:

  • family circumstances;
  • a trip abroad with a study purpose;
  • Natural disasters (flood, hurricanes, war, etc.);
  • the passage of practice, which is not provided for by the curriculum of the university.

Family circumstances

Family circumstances are the following situations:

granting academic leave to students

  • Maternity leave (provided for carechild, whose age is not more than three years). It should be noted that if both parents, father and mother are students, then both of them can claim to take the joint-stock company.
  • Care for sick relatives in a situation where there are no other family members nearby.
  • Unforeseen financial difficulties.

Also worth noting is the postponement of the army. If the academic leave at the university is taken for the first time, then the student has the right to receive a temporary suspension from school.

Documents for registration of academic leave for family reasons

Providing academic leave for studentsIt is impossible without submitting the relevant documents, in which the reason is indicated. The latter should be indicated in the application, which is submitted to the dean's office by the students for consideration by the rector. At the same time it is necessary to attach documents confirming the difficult situation.

design of academic holidays
If academic leave at the university is takento care for the child, the student must transfer a copy of the birth certificate. If you need constant supervision of a close relative, you should show a certificate from the relevant medical institution. It should indicate not only the diagnosis of the patient, but also the need for daily care. It is also recommended to attach a certificate of family composition, according to which it will be seen that the student is the only person able to look after a relative.

Documents for registration of academic leave for other reasons

If you take an academic vacation at the university,reasons for it - the deterioration of the financial situation and the inability to pay for training, then a corresponding document must be submitted. If the family's income has sharply decreased (for example, because of the reduction of jobs), then it is necessary to show a certificate of the family's income.

If a student takes an academic leave at the university for long-term treatment of any disease, this reason should be confirmed by a medical certificate from the clinical and expert commission.

academic leave at university reasons
Obtaining education abroad should also be confirmed by appropriate documents, through which a temporary interruption of study is made.

If it is decided to obtain an AO, it should be carefullyprepare all the documents. They must be properly designed and correctly stated. This is the main aspect of considering a request with a positive decision.

Nuances of academic holidays

Students can take AO both day andcorrespondence department. After receiving a positive decision on temporary interruption of studies, a certificate is issued on the hands with information about the courses, lectures, seminars passed, grades for exams and tests. With this document in hand, a student can be restored to another university in a similar specialty.

Registration of academic holidays for studentsIt is impossible if he has any debts for taking exams and tests. During the interruption of studies the hostel is not provided, the scholarship is not accrued.

If the student is studying in a paid department, then for academic leave money is not charged. If a large amount was previously paid, then it is transferred to the next course.

The academic leave lasts, as a rule, 12 months, but if necessary it can be increased. During the whole period of study AO is provided to the student once.

Thus, to arrange an academic leave inuniversity student is possible, but for this it is necessary to correctly substantiate the reason for the interruption of studies. Also, the relevant documents should be prepared.

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