The shooting of the White House

The shooting of the White House, which occurred inThe result of the internal political conflict, which has been brewing since 1992, was the reason that the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation was overtaken, as well as the Congress of People's Deputies. The confrontation lasted from the twenty-first of September to the fourth of October of the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety-three. The purpose of the conflict was the forceful termination of the existence of the Soviet system, which dominated the country from the year one thousand nine hundred and seventeen. The events unfolded on the streets of Moscow and were accompanied by clashes of armed groups, as well as military operations. In this period, as a result of the conflict, three hundred and eighty-four people were injured, and one hundred and fifty-seven died.

The confrontation that led to the crisis wasTwo political forces are involved. One of them was headed by the President of the Russian Federation B. Yeltsin. In the composition of this coalition was the government headed by V. Chernomyrdin. To him adjoined part of the deputies and representatives of the Supreme Council, who were on the side of the president. The political force that confronted them included those who opposed the socio-economic reforms carried out by the authorities. These included: vice-president A. Rutskoi, as well as the majority of deputies and representatives of the Supreme Council of the Russian Federation. R. Khasbulatov headed this block. The coalition that opposes the existing government included the majority of members of the party "Russian Unity", consisting of former military, radical-minded communists, as well as deputies focused on the socialist arrangement of society. The initiator of the unity of these parties was S. Baburin.

The events, known as the "shooting of the White House" or"Putsch in Russia", began with the appearance of the Decree under the number one thousand four hundred, which was signed by B. Yeltsin. This document demanded the immediate dissolution of the Supreme Council, as well as the Congress of People's Elections. The publication of the decree contradicted the then existing Russian constitution. The shooting of the White House was carried out for the power dispersal of the Congress and the Council.

In full accordance with the article one hundred and twentyone of the highest law of the state, B. Yeltsin automatically lost his power due to the fact that he violated constitutional norms. However, he actually presided over the country until August, one thousand nine hundred and ninety-six, that is, until the period when he was elected by the people for the next term.

The shooting of the White House was a tragic eventand through the fault of R. Khasbulatov's personal ambitions. It was he who, being the chairman of the Supreme Council, expressed unwillingness to make compromise decisions with representatives of the current administration during the conflict. On the other hand, Boris Yeltsin did not offer to negotiate.

The shooting of the White House was provoked andactions of representatives of the power authority. The Moscow police dispersed demonstrations and rallies held in support of the Supreme Council, and also detained the most active participants in the speeches, which was often expressed in mass beatings with the use of special means.

Patriarch Alexy II, trying to extinguish the conflict,proposed to hold re-elections of both the president and people's representatives. However, these negotiations were thwarted due to the fact that Moscow was covered by riots.

Until now, society does not possesscertain information about the causes of the tragic conflict, as well as the role of leaders of political coalitions in the events that have occurred. The investigation team, which was supposed to answer all these questions, was disbanded. So far, there is no information about the subordination of snipers, who were given the command to shoot civilians, as well as who should answer for the tragic final.

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