How to apply for a classroom

The invariable attribute of the school cabinet isclass corner, the main purpose of which is to reflect the results of the educational process. There must be information useful for schoolchildren and their parents. There are no special requirements or restrictions for decorating a corner, and therefore it should be noted that this is a creative process that best describes the class teacher whose duties this activity is.

The classroom decides the following tasks. The materials contained in it should expand the outlook of the students. In addition, it is necessary to reflect here not only the educational activity itself, but also its productivity.

The content of the classroom is chosen by eachthe teacher independently, proceeding from features of a class collective and own experience. At the same time, great efficiency from this work will be obtained, provided that the schoolchildren themselves take an active part in it.

classroom decoration

Self-design a classroom inelementary school can be so. To do this, you need a sheet of paper, interesting colorful photos and pictures, transparent files-pockets, glue, colored pencils, etc. Next, you need to roughly imagine the final result, the purpose of the work and its subjects. So, whatman can be left in a rectangular shape or cut out of it any figure (a star, a flower, etc.). After that, students' photos, pictures and other information are selected, which will be placed on the stand.

In order for the background to look better, you canpaint with pencils or decorate with flowers, cut out of colored paper. If you design a classroom in an elementary school, you need to remember that children at this age are attracted to bright colors, so do not stick to a strict style. Next on Whatman in a thoughtful manner glued transparent folders-corners. In them, you can insert important or additional information, for example, a schedule of duty, class list, schedule, interesting articles or facts.

Part of the corner can be singled out for children's creativity. Here you can post pictures, essays, stories of schoolchildren. Weekly it is recommended to update the information in this part so that each child can see his work at the stand.


Depending on the age of the students,the information itself. So, children in grades 1-3 are much more comfortable learning the material presented in the game form. Every year it is recommended to replenish the stand with more serious topics. In secondary school, information should be submitted in a cognitive form.

Before the teacher takesmake a classroom, the design should be discussed with the students. Together with the guys it is recommended to think over the headings, how often they will be replenished, who will follow it (some information can be entrusted to update the students).

Currently, the ready-made corners, representing the design templates, are already on sale. They can be used as a base, which will be needed for a classroom.

classroom in primary school

To design this stand, you can usematerials that will be picked up by the guys. Thus, they will be happy to follow what information is posted now and what will be there after. Of course, you can take already ready-made printing products, which are currently offered in a large assortment. However, what has been done thanks to the joint creativity of the teacher and students will bring a much greater effect.

Self-designed classroom will evaluate the creative potential of the class teacher, as well as contribute to the unity of the student team through joint activities.

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