"Tales of Uncle Remus," a short story

There are many different works,which are of interest to both young children and adults. We will consider a whole series of short stories that fall into this category, namely, "The Tales of Uncle Remus." We will not consider the brief content of each, since there are twenty-five of them, but we will certainly discuss the most interesting ones.


As is already clear from the title, thesemini-stories of Uncle Remus. But who is this and who tells them? This is an old African American, and his attentive listener is the grandson of his masters. The boy, who disappeared every day in the evening, listened attentively to his elderly uncle, called Joel.

fairy tales of Uncle Remus

Tales of Uncle Remus are a collectionsmall stories that are different from the usual familiar to us of fairy tales. As a rule, only one story is narrated, containing a small background, the story itself and the ending, which is always both instructive and happy. That's how D. Harris is building his narrative in an unpretentious way. "Fairy tales of Uncle Remus" is an endless and fascinating saga.

The publication

Very interesting are the stories of this cycle andare instructive. But who created this creation? D. Harris "Tales of Uncle Rimus" created over the years from the year one thousand eight hundred eighty to one thousand nine hundred and forty-eight. The original is a whole collection of collections, and they themselves are borrowed from Negro folklore.

They reached us in 1936. Tales of Uncle Remus became known to us thanks to Gershenzon, who translated them and retold them. After that, they were reprinted many times.


fairy tales of Uncle Remus

Another feature that distinguishes "Uncle TalesRimus ", is that all the characters, without exception, are animals. They are endowed with human qualities, they can talk, think, many of their actions are similar to people's actions. They are also cunning and enterprising.

Sly Rabbit and Fox are the main characters of works,which Harris wrote. "Fairy tales of Uncle Rimus" mainly tells that Brother Fox wants to catch Brother Rabbit, but the second one is so cunning and clever that the Fox can not achieve what he wants.

Smoldered Scarecrow

The stories that Joel listens to every night,cause him a very strong lively interest. He sincerely worries about the heroes from the series "Tales of Uncle Remus." They do not even need a summary, because they are so short and interesting that they are read in one breath.

Some stories are puzzling, like so,the tale is over, and the main character is in trouble? For example, as in "The Smoldering Scarecrow". It also kindled the boy's interest, so he again and again, every evening came to listen to Uncle Remus.

What is this fairy tale about? The sly Fox had molded a resin from the resin to catch Brother Rabbit, who so cleverly escaped him and planted him near the road, and hid himself. The rabbit walked by and greeted him, the scarecrow did not respond, and the rabbit decided to teach him a lesson. And he stuck. This is how the story ended.


There are other characters that are found in the stories of the collection "Tales of Uncle Remus." The brief content of one of them will be considered right now.

harris fairy tales of uncle rimus

Now we will talk about one bosom friendRabbit - Bratz Opossum, who very much wanted to eat. Rabbit, of course, told him where you can eat nice dates. This place turned out to be the garden of Brother Bear. As already mentioned, the tale of Uncle Remus is not a thoughtless fiction, each has its own profound meaning. So this story shows that for other people's misdeeds sometimes you have to answer. Luring his friend into the garden, he raised a cry that the Bear heard and left a thief with a bald tail.

Cunning Turtle

Consider another work from the series "Tales of Uncle Remus." A brief summary of the story about how the Turtle was able to outsmart the very resourceful Brother Rabbit.

d harris fairy tales of uncle rimus

How did it go? They brought a dispute, which of them was faster, invited the judges and put money at the stake. Let's now analyze how the slowest creature on earth could come first in the race, overtaking the fast and quick Rabbit? Brother Turtle did not prepare at all, all the time lying and resting, and our hard worker, not resting his jaws, was preparing.

The thing is that the Turtle babes were like a dropthe waters are like him, they helped him to outsmart the clever Rabbit. A profound meaning concealed in his stories Harris. "Tales of Uncle Remus" teach us that deception is often found in our lives. No matter how man is cunning and resourceful, there is one that will bypass it. You can not believe everything and everyone, you must always be on your guard.

These short stories are strongly loved by children, theyyou can not tire out, because everyone is very funny and fascinating. They are good for reading to kids at night, just do not forget about how they were told by Uncle Remus. He did not tire Joel with continuous reading, but aroused interest in him.

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