Information for parents in kindergarten

Parents whose children attend pre-schoolinstitutions, increasingly pay attention to the design of premises. And not only for the decoration of the group in which the child walks, but also on various information stands, newspapers, folders-movers, posters. Brightly and colorfully decorated, they attract attention, which means they fully fulfill the function of familiarization with them.

Information for parents in kindergarten can be presented in various variations:

information for parents in kindergarten

- Booklets, leaflets, memos, brochures. As a rule, they are made to familiarize the parents with some narrow topic or problem (for example, booklets on the topic "How to help the child adapt to a preschool institution", "Nutrition rules", "What a graduate should know" and the like).

- In newspapers, information for parents cankeep reports on holding thematic weeks, photos of pupils on entertainment, holidays, competitions. The newspaper can be issued either directly by the preschool institution itself, or be a municipal or commercial print publication.

- Many DOW in the realities of today'sreality have their own sites, on which information for parents is placed. In kindergarten, educators introduce legal representatives of children to the website address and e-mail of the institution. The site publishes announcements of upcoming events, photo reports about meetings with veterans, public organizations. On the page of the institution there are electronic versions of documents, a list of pedagogical staff. On the websites of some kindergartens, it is possible to get advice from narrow specialists (psychologists, speech therapists) working in this DOW.

corner for parents in kindergarten

- Folders with the help of which oftena corner for parents is set up in the kindergarten. They are mobile benefits, which are usually installed on the lockers in the locker room of the group. Folders can be thematic (about the seasons, signs, holidays) or information character (the growth and weight of children, the regime of the day, the schedule of direct educational activities). The convenience of moving folders is that they can be moved, changed depending on the relevance of any information at the moment, they do not take up much space and are an important aesthetic component of the room.

- General information for parents in kindergarten is located on the stands at the entrance. As a rule, this is the charter of the institution, various licenses, certificates and certificates. With the help of such stands, parents are acquainted with the additional services provided by the kindergarten, with the structure of the DOW, current announcements.

information for parents

Speaking about the forms of interaction of legitimaterepresentatives with a preschool institution, it is worth mentioning that one of them is information for parents in kindergarten. After all, it's not a secret for anyone that a correctly selected, colorfully designed and interestingly presented actual information is acquired and perceived better than the obsolete, monotonous and monotonous.

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