Mount Parnassus is a famous historical monument

Parnassus is a name familiar to any poet,it also means a mountain range in the Greek region of Thessaly, surrounded by myths. The source of poetic power was the Castal spring, located on one of the slopes of the mountain. It was inhabited by nymphs, the famous priestess Pythia and the god of art Apollo.


Parnassus is a place of ancient Greek myths. God of prose and art Apollo fell in love with the nymph of Castile, but she did not accept his tender feelings and disappeared without a trace in the waters of the stream on the slope of the mountain. The magical power was given to the source from Apollo.

Parnassus is

Parnassus is an unusual place for poets. According to legend, the magical power of the stream gives everyone the ability to make rhymes. It is enough to drink only water. Muses always accompany Apollo. We list them:

  • Erato is the author of love songs.
  • Euterpe is the conqueror of the lyrics.
  • Polyhymnia is the creator of sacred hymns.
  • Terpsichore is the founder of dances.
  • Clio stands at the origins of the creation of history.
  • Melpomene helps to know the essence of the tragedy.
  • Calliope is a master of epic poetry.
  • Thalia - the inspirer of comedy stories.
  • Urania helps astronomers.

One of the versions

Parnassus is the son of the god Poseidon and Cleodora (nymphsstories). His name is the mountain in Phocis. The sacred place to this day is surrounded by secrets and a divine atmosphere. It is the focal point of the whole Earth, according to the version of the religious teachings of Ancient Greece.

parnas word

On Mount Parnassus is the famous CastalThe key that everyone attends is an inspiration. The habitat of the muses ("Parnassian sisters") is the entire territory of the area, caves, gorges, so a bunch of poets are often called this word, meaning its figurative meaning.

On Mount Parnassus there was a sacred place - "Delphic Oracle". It was located on the southern slope. The mountain range contains two peaks in the Delphi area: Gerontobrahos, Liakura.

Flood, or one more version

What else do we know about Mount Parnassus? The word is associated with the punishment of humanity by the gods of Olympus. Zeus sent a great flood, sweeping the whole world. The son of Prometheus was called Deucalion, he landed on the top of the mountain and sacrificed himself to Zeus.

value of Parnassus

The flood ended on the tenth day of continuous downpours. Zeus heard Deucalion's entreaties and helped revive the human race. So Mount Parnassus was permanently entrenched in the mythology of Ancient Greece.

Historical facts have made Mount ParnassusAttractive for tourists, poets and other people seeking inspiration. From the top there is a breathtaking view of olive groves, dense forests and the National Greek Park. At the foot of the mountain are the following attractions:

  • Cephalonian fir trees;
  • unique caves;
  • unique in beauty alpine meadows;
  • Rare species of animals and birds inhabit the natural reserve zone.

Where is the term currently mentioned?

The importance of Parnassus was used by figures of all time, even now one can find numerous uses of the historical name in various areas of human life:

  • The literary work "Contemporary Parnassus" won many admirers. Work has appeared followers, which exist to this day.
  • Parnassus in Russia is the abbreviation of the People's Freedom Party, which included well-known personalities: Boris Nemtsov and Mikhail Kasyanov.
  • The municipal district in the north of the city of St. Petersburg Parnas was founded in 1792, originally belonged to the famous Shuvalov family.
  • A similar word is the commonwealth of poets of any country.
  • Sometimes the meaning has a figurative meaning: tip, cash payment for a song or a musical melody.
  • The joke value is used in the world literature, and also the word can be slang in the midst of thieves.
  • Ski resort "Parnassus" in Delphi.
  • In Hebrew, the word "earnings", "content" matters.
  • Parnassus - Sutro Mountain in California and the title of trustee of the Jewish community.
  • In Russia, this word refers to the subway line in St. Petersburg.

The Modern Mountain

For tourists Parnassus is associated with a softclimate and picturesque landscapes. Coming to historical monuments, people are transferred to the atmosphere of ancient times. Sights of untouched nature are fascinating and will not leave anyone indifferent. Clean mountain air helps to restore strength, and the cult Kastal source functions and is accessible to every visitor.

the son of the god Poseidon

The source of inspiration was ennobled, pavedtiles. Now the Upper and Lower Kastalia works. In the area of ​​the latter a swimming pool with life-giving water was placed. Under its stream, the prophetess Pythia herself was washed. Greeks perceived the bath as a gift of God.

In the region of the mountain chain is the famousski resort. Visiting mythical Delphi can see the ruins of the temple of Apollo, the abode of the mythical priestess Pythia. The area is famous for Pythian games, not inferior in popularity to the Olympic.

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