Myth "Apollo and Muse": description

Myth "Apollo and Muse" is one of the mostknown works of ancient Greece. The author, or at least an approximate date of creation, is almost impossible to name. Myth "Apollo and Muse" is necessarily included in the school curriculum in many countries of the world. There are several variants of the original, which are slightly different.

The Myth of Apollo and the Muses
Also there are several translations of different people who worked, mainly, in the era of the USSR.

The myth of ancient Greece "Apollo and the Muses"

Myth was created long before the appearance of Christianity. Therefore, the original version underwent folklore popular changes. Nevertheless, the researchers were able to almost completely recreate the original. This is due to the fact that the myth is written in the style of epic prose, which is easy to distinguish from "folk" folklore. The myth "Apollo and Muse" describes the raising of the god to Olympus. On this mountain, the main gods sat. There have always been intrigues and enmity. Virtually every god had his enemy or envious. Constant noise. And among this fuss appears Apollo, accompanied by 9 muses. He plays the cithara. The muse sings and dances around him. The gods immediately began to listen spellbound. Even the formidable Zeus did not utter a word. Eagle, Hera, Artemis - all looked at the arrivals. Their singing made me forget about the troubles and just enjoy.

The myth of ancient Greece Apollo and the Muses
The main message of this myth is the search for harmony inart. 9 Muses were represented by various sciences and arts. The legend tells the reader that even the best of the best can afford to forget themselves in music. The supremacy of Apollo is the embodiment of the superiority of the beautiful. He is supposedly a person who is inspired by creativity (for which the muse is responsible).


Myth "Apollo and the Muses" assigns a significant roleto the god of light - to Apollo. He is one of the most revered in Greek mythology. He devoted a lot of sculptural compositions. Even after thousands of years, Apollo is still a household name, which denotes the physical strength and beauty of man.


Muses are patrons of the arts. Their images are also still used in many languages. For example, the well-known word "music" takes its roots in ancient Greece, only then it denoted art in general. According to legend, the muse was born from Zeus himself. Every woman is responsible for a particular science or branch of art. Muses come to mortals to inspire them. For this they build temples for the goddesses and write poems. Almost half of the muses are responsible for poetry. Myth "Apollo and Muse" describes them dressed in snow-white clothes and wreaths. In addition to singing, the goddesses also lead round dances, later joined by other inhabitants of Olympus.

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