Are the mahrs rags? Siberian mohruks and Asian mahr

From the very beginning of the Russian Federation peacefullydozens of peoples and nationalities coexisted. Moreover, in every region of our country new dialects appeared continually, which differed not only in the dialect, that is, in the pronunciation, but also in the dictionary. So, for example, in Siberia the word "mahry" is still used. These are thin pieces or segments that have an elongated shape.

Mahra Mahram is different

A cloth can be called a mahrami,cut into strips, pigtails, and even fringe on the condition that they practically come off the base or are close to it. Makhry is a kind of rag, but not always. Some use this word to identify a damaged item, others use it to more accurately and more accurately determine its characteristics.

mahry is

Makhry is a fringe and a rag. Everyone puts his own meaning in the meaning of this word. From it also the verb "to marry" has occurred. It means "to make something worthless". Most often applied to garments or textiles. Yes, and mahry - it's mostly something woven or cloth.

From Siberia to the Urals

Since the word has a regional character, thenvariants of its writing, as well as pronunciation there are several. The word "izmahratit" is widespread not only in Siberia itself, but also in the Urals, and even in Kamchatka. And there are "mohruks". In Novosibirsk they call furry hair bands and just fluffy cloths.

mahry meaning of the word

So what is the point really put inthe word "mahry"? The meaning of the word, first of all, depends on the region in which it is used, and also on the social layer, whose representatives use it in their lexical usage.

Eastern guest

It's amazing, but mahry are found not only in Siberia or the Urals. It is enough to read the Koran, and everything will fall into place. In Muslims, "mahr" is a dowry that an eastern woman receives when she marries. Disobedience to their mahras Muslim wives can do as they please. In any case, this is stated in the Qur'an.

mahry is

Despite the fact that it is the woman who must decide,which part of the mahra to take, and whether to accept the dowry in general, Allah decries the conscious overstatement of the mahr. Everything must have its price and correspond to it. Mahr is presented to the bride after the marriage contract was concluded and the first wedding night was held.

If, for any reason, the size of the mahra is notwas stipulated in advance, its value is assigned by the Sharia. It is calculated on the basis of the magnitude of the mahrs that other women, surrounding the bride, received at one time.

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