Amphibians: names, descriptions, photos

Amphibians, amphibians, are unusualcreatures that can live in both water and land. These include frogs and newts, there are even unique axolotls - evolving in a very special way. Amphibians (names) of Russia will be listed below. What are the main detachments of amphibians worth knowing?

Amphibians: names


This detachment belongs to one of the most famousamphibians. Many names of amphibious animals are unfamiliar to the townsfolk, but the word "newt" is known to almost everyone. This creature with a long body and tail, flattened on the sides. They can live both in water and on land, preferring places with lush vegetation. The color of the newt can be different and is determined by the habitat. It is interesting that in winter they fit into hibernation. As soon as the temperature returns to a comfortable level, they wake up and go to multiply, laying eggs off the leaves of aquatic plants. Another interesting feature is the ability to restore lost limbs and tail. All these amphibian animals, whose names may be different - common, comb, Californian, - have some common features. Thus, before the mating period, a special growth occurs on the males on their backs, and they prefer to eat tritons with worms, crustaceans and larvae. They live in all countries with a temperate climate and lead a nocturnal lifestyle.

The names of amphibians


These are amphibian animals, whose names are notI heard only a man who is completely indifferent to nature. They are present in the legends and myths of many peoples, each receiving some unique features - immortality, the ability to survive in the fire, poison fruit trees and products, rivers and people, turn into dragons ... In short, every country has its own fascinating tales about the salamanders . In a sense, they are justified: these amphibian animals are really poisonous and can be dangerous for some species. For example, a dog that has eaten such an amphibian can get a lethal poisoning. The poison of the salamander paralyzes the think tanks. It is produced by the parotid glands, which protects the amphibian from attack. It is not surprising that other names of amphibian animals are associated with tragic events much more rarely: a salamander is indeed more dangerous than most representatives of this class.

Amphibians: names and photos


Remembering what amphibian animals are,the names of this family can not be forgotten. Frogs - tailless amphibians, which existed in the time of dinosaurs. They have tremendous anatomy, allowing them to live in the water and on land. The tadpole differs little from fish fry, and the adult frog is a completely terrestrial animal. This metamorphosis distinguishes amphibians. It is interesting that frogs breathe with their mouth, skin and lungs. They have a universal circulatory system with two parts of the heart working in water, and a left atrium acting on land. They show the greatest activity at dusk, when it gets cool, but in very cold weather they are looking for shelter, and for winter they dive to the bottom in a hibernation. The color of frogs is determined by the habitat, which is what distinguishes many amphibians. The names of these creatures are different: there are lake, and there are forest, but they are united by one - the ultimate survival rate. This made them a successful object for scientific experiments, which is dedicated to monuments to frogs in Tokyo and Paris.

Amphibians, names of Russia


These are legless amphibian animals, nameswhich almost nobody heard. Nevertheless, the worms are very interesting. Ring folds on their skin resemble strips of large earthworms. Some have scales, the other eyes shine through the skin, in a word, the worms look very original. They live in the tropics of Africa, Asia and South America, preferring moist soil or anthills. Eat invertebrates, such as worms. Landworms lay eggs, and water - viviparous. From dangers they are protected by poisonous skin. Thus, it can be said that the worms are little-known amphibians, whose names and photographs are difficult to forget, so unusual and even strange.

What are amphibian animals - names


These are amphibian animals, names and photos of whichfamiliar to most people. But many do not distinguish them from frogs. In the meantime, toads are a separate family with unique characteristics. There are desert species that are active only in the rain season. Frogs differ from frogs by shorter hind legs, which limit their jumping by twenty centimeters, dry skin with warts and the fact that in water they can be seen only during the breeding season. These amphibians feed on insects, mollusks and worms, therefore, contrary to stereotypes, they can be useful for a person, destroying slugs in the garden. Toads are common in all continents, limited only in Australia. There lives a special desert form, which has teeth and burrows on dry periods in the burrow, storing water in the cavities of the body.


These are other amphibian animals, whose namesalmost no one heard. In the meantime, it is a unique species that does not need to grow up. Axolotl are a larval form of ambistomy, but they do not need to go into reproduction for reproduction. They are characterized by neoteny - maturity, coming in childhood. Axolotl, living in comfortable conditions, may not grow old at all, but a change in the situation can lead to becoming an ambisto. The name is also interesting. Translated from the Aztec, it means "water toy", which is ideal for the smiling face of this amphibian.

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