I wonder what kind of sea in Cyprus?

Cyprus is one of the most popular tourist destinationscenters, attracting Russian tourists for more than 20 years. For our compatriots, it has long been the image of an ideal summer holiday, and stories of what a wonderful sea in Cyprus are the envy of those who have not yet been there. This island is divided into two parts - the Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, which is a partially recognized state association under the jurisdiction of Turkey. But the center of Russian tourism in this case is the Republic of Cyprus.

what sea in cyprus
In the first place attracts our tourists thisa fabulous island, of course, beaches. What sea is Cyprus washed by? Very warm - the Mediterranean. The island is located in its eastern part. But such an answer to this question from the point of view of geography is not entirely accurate. So what is the sea in Cyprus? Cyprus, of course. It is distinguished as an integral part of the Mediterranean Sea. And the north-eastern part of it (the one that washes the coasts of Cyprus and Asia Minor) is called the Cilician Sea. The eastern part, which lies between the island and the Middle Eastern coast, is called the Levantine Sea.

And what will an ordinary tourist answer if you ask him aboutWhat is the sea in Cyprus? The first answer that can be heard is: "Pure." In this case, a person's face will be illuminated by a dreamy smile - such a sea is not forgotten for a long time.

what sea is Cyprus
The sea in Cyprus is really clean, not without reasonmany beaches of this island were awarded the "blue flag" of the European Union for environmental cleanliness and developed infrastructure. All beaches in Cyprus are urban property, and their visit is absolutely free. But you have to pay about 1-2 euros for renting beach equipment: awnings, umbrellas, chaise lounges.

In addition, the Cyprus Sea is one of the mostwarm and salty parts of the Mediterranean Sea. Due to the high salt content, almost all marine life is concentrated in the coastal waters, which gives scope for diving. It is rich in the Cyprus Sea and on coral reefs, which are a dream of every lover of deep-sea diving. But it should be remembered that the authorities of Cyprus meticulously monitor the rise from the bottom of the sea of ​​archaeological treasures by tourists. Therefore, despite the fact that finding them in the surrounding waters is not a simple matter, it is not worth trying to take away the historical heritage as souvenirs.

cyprus what is the sea there
Cyprus.What is the sea there? Not only crystal clear, but also warm. The average temperature of sea water off the coast of the island is about 15-17 degrees in the winter months, more precisely - from November to May. In the summer, the water warms up to 22-27 degrees.

What are the main places in Cyprus designed forbeach vacation? Of course, the main resort is Larnaca. Limassol, Ayia Napa, the capital of the club life of the island, the town of Paphos, where the famous bay of Aphrodite is located, also boast excellent beaches. If you have not decided on where to spend your vacation, think about visiting these cities. Then, upon your return home, you yourself with ecstasy will begin to tell your friends and acquaintances: "Oh, what a sea in Cyprus!"

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