Mountains of Asia: the greatest heights of the planet Earth

Continental Asia - the dream of climbers in allof the world. Almost all of its territory consists of mountains and plateaus. Here are the highest mountain systems of the planet. The mountains of Asia excite the imagination and attract attention. I want to talk about them a little more.

Asia Mountains


Himalayas - a powerful mountain range, which isthe highest on Earth. The history of the formation of this mountain system totals tens of millions of years. Here is the largest number of 7000ths and 8000s. Suffice it to say that there are only 14 vertices in the whole world above 8,000 meters, and 10 of them are located in these places. And the highest place of the planet - Jomolungma, is also here. The second name of this grandiose peak is Everest. Its height is 8848 m.

high mountains of asia

High mountains of Asia attract manyextremals. It can be assumed that conquest of Everest for them is the main goal of life. Its slopes have become the last refuge of many mountaineers who have not reached the summit of the highest mountain of Asia and the whole planet. For the first time, Jomolungma submitted to man in 1953, and since that time the flow of those who wish to set foot on the top of the world has not dried up.

The southern slopes of the Himalayas are constantly under the influence of monsoons and abound in precipitation. Northern slopes in the zone of cold and dry continental climate.


This mountain system is located on the territoryseveral states. Afghanistan, China, Tajikistan and India are the countries through which the mountain range passes. The highest point of the Pamirs is Kongur Peak. To visit him, you will have to go to China. The height of Koghun is 7649 meters above sea level.

what mountains in Asia

The Pamir can boast three more seven thousandths. The peak of Communism is today renamed into the peak of Ismail Samani. The height of the peak is 7495 m.

The Peak of Lenin is now the peak of Abu Ali ibn Sina. The height of the peak is 7134 m. The name of this peak has immortalized the name of the greatest healer of antiquity - Avicenna.

Peak Korzhenevskaya. The greatest declaration of love! The peak of 7105 m in height was discovered in 1910 by the Russian geographer Korzhenevsky and named in honor of his wife and constant companion in the most difficult trips and expeditions - Evgenia Korzhenevskaya.

The climate of the Pamir is sharply continental. There are very cold winters and short summers. The mountains of Asia, in principle, abound with glaciers, and the Pamir is no exception. The largest glacier of the Pamirs is named after the great geographer and explorer Fedchenko. It was opened in 1928.


Describe mountains of Asia and not tell about Karakorumit would be a mistake. In this system, an eight-thousandth was formed, quite a bit behind the highest peak of the world. The name of this peak is Dapsang, and its height is 8611 m. The average height of this mountain system exceeds 6000 meters. Most of the passes are located at altitudes from 4500 to 5800 m. The Karakorum ridge consists of crystalline rocks, shales and various types of marble. Here are the largest glaciers in Asia.

Asia Mountains

Tien-Shan and Kunlun

These outstanding mountain systems also refer tothe highest in the world. Tien Shan passes through five countries. Its name from the Chinese language is translated as "heavenly mountains". A large number of peaks of this range are located above the 6000 meters mark. The highest peak of the Tien Shan is located on the territory of Kyrgyzstan and is called the Victory Peak. Its height is 7440 m.

Kunlun is the longest mountain systemAsia. Its length is more than 2700 km. And the highest point of the system is Aksai-Chin mountain, whose height is 7167 m. The name of the whole system is translated as "lunar mountains".

high mountains of asia

This is only part of the answer to the question of which mountains inAsia is the highest. A complete list of Asian mountain systems consists of several dozen names. So for the curious people in this direction there is still a lot of interesting information.

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