Why does a heron stand on one foot in the water?

A heron is a bird that lives slowlycurrent rivers. It can often be seen in shallow water. The heron is able to stand still for a long time in the water and look out for its prey. As a rule, all kinds of living creatures that live in water bodies serve as food for this bird. If you watch the heron, you can see that it stands in the water only on one leg. The second is usually bent and pressed against the body. Many do not even guess why the heron stands on one leg. Perhaps this is one of the ways to hunt? And maybe, so it gets warm?

why the heron stands on one leg

Why does a heron stand on one leg?

This question interests not only young children. Many adults do not understand why a heron stands on one leg. The riddle is not simple. At the moment there are several answers to the question. First of all, it is necessary to mention that the water in any pond is cold, and the heron is idle in one place for several hours. Naturally, the bird is not quite comfortable. It is for this reason that she flexes one leg and hides it under the belly in feathers. After a certain period of time, the heron changes its foot. Thus, while one leg is heated, the second one is cold.

 why a heron is standing on one foot in a swamp

Extraction of food

So why the heron is standing on one foot in the swampand on the river? There is another explanation for this phenomenon. The heron eats tadpoles, small frogs, fish and all kinds of fry. Swim by the feet of a bird, prey can not distinguish it from the trunks of some plants, for example, from reeds. The victim does not suspect anything and calmly moves in the water and does not even notice how in an instant it becomes someone's food. This kind of camouflage allows a bird to get food without too much trouble. That's why the heron stands on one foot in the water.

Of course, it is not always possible for a bird to obtainfeed, standing in one place. Sometimes a heron has to move about in the water. And it is more convenient to do this when one foot is already in the air. As a result, the movements are quick and neat.

why the heron is on one leg a mystery

A small study

For many years, the mystery why the heronstands on one foot when hunting, excites many researchers. So far no one has given an exact answer to the question posed. Many sought to uncover this mystery, and several studies were carried out. First of all, it was noticed that the heron changes its legs in a certain order: the right one to the left and the left to the right. And she does it only in such a sequence. Why is it so?

Scientists have tried to confuse the bird by attaching ita few extra paws. Essential results of such an experiment did not. The heron changed its legs all in the same sequence, ignoring the additional pair of alien bodies.

As a result of such studies, ornithologists fromBritain made a final conclusion and answered why the heron stands on one leg. While one foot is in the water, the second - dries up and gets warm. A bird can hunt if desired, in any position. Even standing on two legs.

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