Polosukhin Victor Ivanovich: a biography, a feat

Polosukhin Viktor Ivanovich is one of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War.

polosukhin viktor ivanovich
He commanded the division during the mostfierce battles near Moscow. The courage of the colonel and his fighters made it possible to stop the offensive of the fascist troops on the capital of the Soviet Union and give the necessary time for the preparation of the defense. Before giving their lives, his fighters destroyed more than ten thousand invaders.


Polosukhin Viktor Ivanovich was born on February 28, 1904year in Tomsk province. His parents were ordinary peasants. In addition to Victor, the family had six children. Therefore, a guy from childhood worked hard, helping his parents. In 1911, his father died suddenly. After that, all children have to work on an equal basis with adults to survive. Money was not even for the funeral of the senior Polosukhin. Then the family was helped by one of the exiled revolutionaries - Vladimir Obnorsky. He gave the last money to Victor's mother. The young man did not forget this.


When the October Revolution began, he entersin the Komsomol detachment and is elected its head. At the age of 16 he volunteered for the Red Army and bravely fights against bandits. A year later he was sent to the training infantry school. Three years later Polosukhin Viktor Ivanovich went to the Belorussian SSR, where he was entrusted with a rifle platoon. Then he joins the Bolshevik party. In parallel with the service continues training.

In 28 years he serves as a political instructor in the Volga region.

Colonel Polusukhin Viktor Ivanovich
Here he meets Olga Evlanov - his futurewife. A year later they have a daughter. Victor Polosukhin is continuously promoted. By the age of 38, he had already commanded a division. Its part was located in the Far East. When the Japanese appeared in the area of ​​Lake Hassan, his fighters were among the first to reflect the intervention of the interventionists. All the soldiers behaved like heroes.

The Beginning of the Great Patriotic War

When the war began, Polosukhin Victor Ivanovichwas still in the Far East. By this time he already wore the rank of colonel and commanded the 32nd division. In October 1941, the soldiers received orders urgently to leave for Moscow. Saying goodbye to his children and his wife, Victor leaves. First the soldiers entered the Volkhov Front. However, at this time the tanks of Kleist persistently rushed to the capital, and the division was sent to the city of Mozhaisk.

The positions of the fighters are located on the Borodino field- in the very place where, a hundred years before, Kutuzov stopped Napoleon. Polosukhin Victor Ivanovich ordered to quickly prepare defensive lines. A few days later the German tank corps began its offensive. For five days Soviet soldiers desperately kept the line. Constant counterattacks and assaults, artillery fire, tank wedges - all this fell upon the soldiers who only recently arrived at the front.


Colonel Viktor Polosukhintoured all the advanced parts. On the most "hot" sites, he took command of himself. Where their ancestors held the defense of the capital in 1812, fighters of the 32nd Division fought desperately in 1942.

city ​​можайск
For five days of uninterrupted fighting, they managed to destroy 117 tanks and 200 combat vehicles.

By the end of January, the area had become a dugshells of the field of Paschendaille. The fighters of the 32nd division withdrew to a new line of defense. Near the village of Ivanniki there was a threat of encirclement, the consequences of which threatened the whole front. Therefore, on February 18, Polosukhin's soldiers set out to reconnoitre and plan further actions. Scouts discovered a large concentration of enemy troops. The colonel personally was present at this. He stepped forward with binoculars to assess the situation himself. Here, near the village of Ivanniki, he was struck down by a fascist bullet.

For military feats Victor Polosukhin was posthumously awarded the Order of the Red Banner.

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