Winter gardens in kindergarten: how to make them, and what they are useful for

A kindergarten is a place in which not onlyThey look after children, but also are engaged in the comprehensive development of their personality. Therefore, educators try to enrich the experience of children in a variety of ways. This can be done while walking, presenting a lesson in the form of a game, not an occupation. One of the ways are winter gardens in kindergarten.

What it is

Winter gardens in kindergarten - is an intermediatethe zone that lies between the room and nature. Most often in a preschool institution there are various "corners of nature". For a winter garden a large room is allocated in the building. For kids, "green corners" are one of the most interesting places in the kindergarten, because there are a variety of plants growing, live fish, animals, birds.

Educators can develop a methodicala manual with which you can study the environmental features. A good addition will be to build a small art studio next to the winter gardens in the kindergarten. This will help to disclose the creative potential of children, especially those who have a penchant for drawing. This "natural corner" is sure to be loved by many kids.

How to make it

When building a winter garden in a kindergartenit is necessary to take into account a number of important nuances. It is best for him to choose the largest room of a children's institution, which is located in the south wing of the building. It is very important that light constantly falls on this corner. The room should be still not on the windy side, otherwise in case of getting into the room of cold air the plants will constantly freeze.

winter gardens in kindergarten

It is very important to choose the right frame: it must be durable to withstand gusts of strong wind and a large amount of snow on the roof. For this, the aluminum profile is best suited, which is covered with a special protective coating. Also, during construction, double-glazed windows are used to comply with the standards for temperature and humidity in the room.

In winter gardens in the kindergarten, there must also be additional heating. Because most often they grow tropical and subtropical plants.

Use of the winter natural corner

Psychologists believe that the creation of such a place in thekindergarten positively affects the child's psyche and helps to relax the nervous system. The winter corner will never bother children, because exotic plants will always cause curiosity among the children, and the story of how "summer" plants can be grown in the winter, will cause them admiration and surprise.

Also, the winter garden gives educators space forvarious activities. You can decorate a part of it as a taiga or desert. Vegetation can be supplemented with various animal figures. Also, children can be attached to agricultural work and plant care.

Registration of the winter section

Of course, a winter walk in the kindergarten for childrenis like a fairy tale. There they can see how the snow shines in the sun, melts in the sun (you can conduct various experiments with water), and build a variety of figures from the snow. Of course, you need to think about how to arrange winter plots in the kindergarten.

The main feature of winter decoration isconstruction of snow figures that can be dazzled with children. If the teachers do not regret the time, they can make more complex sculptures - from the ice. In the water you can add paints, and then the decoration will become more colorful. You can cut paper figures - it will also look beautiful.

winter plots in kindergarten

But the main thing is a hill.It can be any: it all depends on whether the teachers want the building to remain in other seasons. For winter clearance, you can ask for help from your parents. Then it will be possible to make a hill of wood that does not melt with the arrival of spring. And you can and all your favorite ice and decorate it with beautiful patterns.

Features of walking in the winter in kindergarten

Given the emergence of new buildings, ice is importantto talk about safety and injury prevention. It is important to ensure that children do not run on ice, do not eat snow and especially monitor their behavior on the hill. We need to carefully monitor how children are dressed: necessarily the presence of mittens, warm boots or boots, hats and scarves.

winter walk in kindergarten

During a winter walk in the kindergarten, you cantogether with the guys to build snow figures. You can take a little snow in the group to study the properties of the water. Be sure to have a bird feeder for wintering birds: children need to explain how important it is to take care of them, what they are, to look at their appearance. Of course, during the walk you need to recite signs of winter, winter months. Also, children can be given small paddles to help them clean up the snow for educators.

arrangement of a winter garden in a kindergarten

As it turns out, in the winter it is also possible tocognitive conduct classes during walks. And the design of the site gives room for imagination. The presence of a winter garden allows children to be in the summer even in the cold season and conduct interesting activities. A kind of beautiful flowers raises the mood of everyone.

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