The formula of air is the formula of life

Air is one of the main components of the Earthatmosphere, without which a person simply can not exist on the planet. After all, without air, we all perish, not just us, but all life on Earth. In its composition, air is a natural mixture of oxygen, nitrogen and small nitrogen inclusions. For a long time it was believed that this is a homogeneous substance, that is, it is a single gas that is distributed throughout the entire planet. However, using the example of numerous experiments, it was concluded that air is still a mixture of gases.

The importance of air for all living things onthe planet is very large, since not all of us react equally to this or that humidity. It is absolutely necessary for every organism to maintain its vitality. In industry, air also has a number of applications. We know that the chemical formula of air has a sufficiently large amount of oxygen. Mechanical energy in internal combustion engines, for example, is obtained by burning fuel using air oxygen. But the laboratory method of obtaining inert gases is the process of liquefying air.

It should be noted that the gases that are included in theair, are capable of various forms of transformation, because the air formula, although it is a constant value, but there are many factors that depend on the specific conditions of air in the free state. By raising or lowering the air temperature, gases can acquire not only a liquid but even a solid state. In specially equipped cryolab laboratories, scientists conduct many experiments on the decomposition of oxygen into separate elements.

Divided air gases are used in absolutelyall directions of industrial activity. Oxygen, nitrogen, argon, neon, xenon, krypton - without these components, many industries simply can not carry out their core activities. The energy of compressed air is widely used in the field of creating mechanical works. The air consumption, the formula of which has long been known in production, is small, so it is possible to paint, pressurize, flush, wash and still carry out a lot of actions with compressed air. The compressed air is vented by the shafts, it is used to start various pneumatic engines, creating a piston rod. This component is necessary, for example, to create the necessary balance of pressure in the suit of divers. And the formula of air here is not at all necessary, but the pressure of this to know is simply necessary.

The formula of air is constant, but the quantitativethe composition is able to vary. Surely it is noticed absolutely by every person. It is enough to pay attention to the urban and natural environment. In noisy towns the air is heavier, and in the modern world there is a serious problem with its pollution. In the countryside or in the countryside the situation is changing dramatically. The air here is clean and unusual for urban residents freshness.

On the problem of air pollution shouldabsolutely every inhabitant of the planet thinks about it. Today, the construction of various plants, which mercilessly pollutes the environment, is considerably expanding. On the other hand, this problem is an incentive for creating environmentally friendly types of production. For example, this is clearly expressed in the world of modern motor industry. Eco cars are increasingly appearing in the model range of many manufacturers. However, this is not enough to completely eliminate the negative impact of urbanization and the industrialization of society. Representatives of all branches of industry should think about protection of air from pollution.

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