Grid Hartmann. Mysticism or the source of new discoveries

The pace at which modern science has advancedany last hundred years, amaze consciousness. The postulates of the basic disciplines of natural science not only received a new form of proof, but in some cases were revised, and even received a new type of reading, strikingly different from its original appearance. It is not excluded that in the near future, mankind will not only receive evidence of the existence of phenomena that at the present stage go beyond the universally recognized notions of science, but also learn how to use them for practical purposes.

In principle, in practice, mankind has longuses a huge list of rules and customs that do not find a logical explanation. People's signs, among the mass of meaningless prescriptions, how to act in this or that situation, have a number of regularities, not devoid of rational grain.

Grid Hartmann - to that a real confirmation. Its nature has not been proven and is not explained, but the probability of existence is very high. Only a thorough study of this phenomenon can give a truthful explanation to him. And as long as the search continues, this geo-biological phenomenon is actively used by supporters of non-traditional methods of cognition.

For example, people's signs are not advisedplace the bed in a place that a cat has chosen for recreation and, on the contrary, recommend to use for recreation areas where a dog likes to sleep normally. Hartmann lines give this explanation their explanation: when crossing, they form so-called nodes, which are considered unfavorable for overnight lodging. It is assumed that a long stay in the area of ​​education of these "nodes" can provoke the emergence of a number of serious diseases.

The Hartmann grid is based ongeomagnetic meridians and parallels, sometimes it is even called "coordinate". It consists of rectangular cells. Depending on the terrain, the width of the borders of these cells varies in the range of 20-80 cm. The rectangles themselves have different linear dimensions, the width varies from 40 cm to 5 meters. For the middle zone of Russia, the Hartmann grid is represented by cells that stretch from the south to the north by about two meters, and from the east to the west by 2.5 meters.

The theory according to which the grid was createdHartman of the Earth, in many respects echoes the hypothesis of the icosahedron-dodecahedral inner structure of our planet. It was put forward at one time by N. Goncharov, V. Morozov and V. Makarov. They made the assumption that the Earth has a crystalline structure inside. The giant quasicrystal has a shape formed by inscribing one-to-one voluminous polyhedra. The dodecahedron and icosahedron are the basis for constructing this figure, which forms a "power frame of the Earth" by a system of nodes and edges.

The theory of Ernst Hartman was not recognizedofficial science. The results of his research were refuted by later discoveries in the field of medicine. In particular, the nature of cancer has not received a geo-biological explanation, as well as the methods of its treatment. It was these events that led to the fact that Hartman's grid was gradually transferred to the hands of the eniologists, esotericists and other specialists studying abnormal phenomena.

Also known are other types of nets thatreceived the names as a network of Kurri and Wittmann. It is believed that they also have an effect on biological organisms. Obviously, the truth should be sought somewhere in between the conclusions of official science and various paranormal theories.

The crystal structure of the Earth was consideredlong before the emergence of theories in their modern form. Ancient letters and archaeological finds confirm that the extraordinary properties of some earthly sites were known even in the time of the ancient civilizations. Modern attempts to give a logical explanation for these phenomena are numerous, but each has its own essential shortcomings. Much more experience in the practical use of these amazing phenomena.

Mankind is on the verge of new discoveries, what will be the answers to the questions that worry minds for several millennia, the future will show.

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