Nelson Rockefeller: Biography

Nelson Rockefeller was one of the richestpeople of their time. He headed a large family, consisting of tycoons, businessmen, politicians. Nelson took an active part in the political life of the United States of America and had a weighty influence on her.

Nelson Rockefeller
His figure is still becoming the subject of various discussions and disputes.


Nelson Rockefeller was born on July 8, 1908 inthe state of Maine in a famous family. His grandfather was the legendary John Rockefeller. It was he who brought up Nelson. Since childhood, the boy was fond of science and self-development. He graduated from high school with good marks. After reaching adulthood, I was fascinated by architecture. Nelson wanted to devote his life to his favorite craft. But the family was against it.

A family

The Rockefeller family is the richest in the world. Virtually all members have a huge fortune. The family is more like a certain community. The oldest member is the head. The head takes important decisions and distributes obligations. The family business is closely connected between all the participants. Therefore, Nelson's grandfather could not allow him to become an architect, because he believed that many creators did not earn money. But there was one more reason.

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For the richest family money did not play the mainrole. One of the most important points is influence. For example, an architect can have a great fortune due to his work, but he will not have any influence on public life. But oil tycoons or bankers are always closely connected with politics.

Carier start

Therefore, already in the 30's Nelson Rockefeller beginshis banking career. He cooperates with banks in America, France, England. He quickly becomes a successful financier. His influence is spreading. However, Nelson does not abandon his passion for architecture. For several years, the banker has become a significant figure not only in the American market, but also in his family. Grandfather strongly supports him and prepares for supremacy in the family after his death. Already at a relatively young age (as for the financier) Nelson Rockefeller appears more often on the front pages of the American press. Citations of the banker are becoming popular among the people. For example, his saying "This is my wall".

The Rockefeller Wall

In the early 30-ies, John Rockefeller conceivesbuild "Rockefeller Center." A complex of buildings that would become a kind of family office. This was necessary for the systematization and centralization of family affairs. As the genealogical tree grew every year, the range of activities also increased. And that the family acted as a whole, and the "center" was invented. Another function of this institution was to work with the public. Rockefellers created several charitable foundations. They invested in science and social institutions. To design the building, John chose his grandson to encourage his long-standing passion for architecture. Together with a group of engineers Nelson Rockefeller created a model of the center, which was later built. For facing the outer wall, Nelson decided to hire artist Diego Rivera. His work has already become famous all over the world.

Rockefeller Nelson Aldrich
But Diego was a supporter of extreme leftist views and,to put it mildly, did not like people like the Rockefellers. Therefore, in his work he added one addition - an image of Lenin. At the end of the cladding, this news stirred the society. Leftist activists admired Diego, who could not only "spit" in the face of the tycoon, but also get his own money for it.

Nelson forced the artist to remove the image"The leader of the peoples," but he refused to do so. Then the banker in a rage said: "This is my wall" - and ordered to destroy everything that Diego painted. The phrase was leaked in the media and became a kind of proverb in the US.

The beginning of political activity

By the age of 40, Nelson Rockefeller goes to politics. Using his connections and the influence of the family, he quickly occupies one of the key positions in the Republican Party. He works as deputy minister at Eisenhower. Before that, he held various positions in the government of Roosevelt and Truman.

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In the 60 years, the political career is sharply rising. Nelson is elected governor of New York. Could win a large number of fans among moderate Republicans. Expands its charitable activities. He tries to go further and appeals to the leadership of the party with a request to nominate him for the presidency, but each time he is refused. In addition to fans, Nelson has a huge number of enemies. People of democratic, and especially leftist, views believed that the fact of the high position of Rockefeller in the political hierarchy is the personification of a corrupt oligarchic regime. The protests are becoming more frequent with the purpose of otsatvki the governor. It is for this reason that the Republicans never ventured to nominate the tycoon's figure for the presidency.

Nelson Rockefeller: biography. Career peak

After that, he still managed to secure a place in theThe White House. December 19, 1974 Rockefeller Nelson Aldrich appointed US Vice-President. His activities repeatedly provoked a flurry of criticism. Supporters of conspiracy accused Nelson of working for supranational structures that allegedly seek to control the world. After 2 years, Nelson was in the middle of a loud scandal.

Nelson Rockefeller biography
In the US, at that time, various pacifistorganizations were on the rise. At one of the rallies, when the vice-president was speaking from the rostrum, the hippies began to rip off his speech. The politician paid attention to them and decided to make fun of them, to which they responded in kind. The first could not stand Nelson Rockefeller. The photo, in which he shows the middle finger to the crowd, flew over the pages of all American newspapers.

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