Noble profession of the teacher

The profession of the teacher is one of the oldestthe earth. Its importance can not be overemphasized. From year to year teachers of various levels of education transfer their knowledge and their experience, working for the benefit of humanity. The upbringing of the younger generation falls on their shoulders. The future of the country depends on what knowledge and skills they can transfer to them. The level of education demonstrates the level of development of the state and its social structure.

The profession of a teacher is a way of life. People who choose it should listen to their hearts and make choices with their souls. This is not just a transfer of knowledge, it is the upbringing of the psychological and moral appearance of the younger generation. In whatever educational institution a teacher is teaching, he should always be an example for his students. At different stages of education, teachers give a certain amount of knowledge. But, regardless of this, the importance of this profession is very great.

The profession of a primary school teacher isfundamental in the whole system of education. A little man, coming to school for the first time, still does not realize all responsibility, which from that moment falls on his shoulders. He still holds his father and mother firmly by the hand, but at the same time enters into adulthood. The first person who will be on his way at this moment will be the first teacher. It is from his pedagogical talents that the attitude towards school and school as a whole depends on the first-grader. The period of primary school forms in the mind of the student, the significance of learning and its meaning. If the teacher is able to instill in children a love of science and will be able to interest them, then in the future it will be easier for them to perceive the entire learning process.

Finding an approach to the child is not an easy task. This is already a matter of psychology. But the profession of the teacher implies the presence of knowledge in this field. Every child is an open book. It is necessary to read it from the beginning to the end in order to understand the breadth of his child's soul. What qualities should a teacher have to become a mentor for children?

Firstly, this is a great love for children. Without this quality it is impossible to be a teacher and work with children. Children are very sensitive to the attitude of others towards their personality. Yes, it is to the person. Despite the young age, every child is a person, with his desires and possibilities. It is necessary to listen to them and understand them. Only then will the child feel confidence in the teacher and will take his words. The first teacher usually becomes an example for imitation or even the first love. For them, this is the second person after Mom. In the future, continuing their studies, they will face different teachers. They will leave their mark on their lives, but the first teacher will never be erased from memory.

Another quality of the teacher is patience anddiscretion. In dealing with children, situations arise that are sometimes difficult to resolve. A teacher should be a good psychologist to understand the child's subtle soul.

The profession of a teacher is a noble occupation. It is chosen by vocation, but not by coercion. In recent years, the prestige of this profession has decreased. This was due to a low material assessment of the work of teachers. And only really the fanatics of this case remained true to the chosen life path. Now the situation began to change for the better. The state turned its attention to the problems of teachers. Many school leavers choose this noble profession. Young cadres come to schools and other educational institutions to devote their lives to teaching children. A good example for them are honored teachers who have devoted this profession to more than one year.

In the life of each of us, a tangible trace was left by people who from year to year passed on their knowledge to us. The profession of the teacher deserves the greatest respect and honor.

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