Who is the strongest person in the world?

In fairy tales, legends and bylinas often the mainHeroes are heroes. But it turns out that they exist not only in fairy tales. There are also among us. Who are these heroes? At different times for many centuries the most powerful people of the planet lived (for their time). Today, it is impossible to give an unambiguous answer to the question of who is the strongest person in the world. Consider who claims this title.

the strongest man

Zhidrunas Savickas - 2-time world champion

In the tournaments "Strongest Man of the World" in 2009 and 2010, the winner was Lithuania's resident Zhidrunas Savickas. Since the age of 15, he has been engaged in sports that require strength training.

On his account, several records:

  • squat with a weight of 425.5 kilograms;
  • push-up in the supine position with a weight of 285.5 kilograms;
  • tug of 462 kilograms;
  • lifting 1,090 kilograms.


Prize-winners of the last competitions

In 2011 and in 2013, the first place in the contest "The strongest man in the world" was won by American Bryan Shaw. In 2012 this title was awarded to Pole Christophe Radzikowski.

80 records of Vasily Alekseev

Often the strongest person on Earth is calledSoviet weightlifter Vasily Ivanovich Alexeyev, who lived 69 years. In its arsenal of 80 world records. Vasily Alekseev is the prize-winner of the Olympic Games of 1972 and 1976, the champion of the world, Europe and the USSR.

Vasily Virastyuk - the strongest man of the world in 2004

The title of the strongest is quite deservedlybelong to the Ukrainian Vasily Virastyuk. In 2003, he won the third place in the tournament "The World's Strongest Man", and in 2004 became the winner of this competition. He won in international competitions in power all-around. Vasiliy Virastyuk drew 7 cars, having a total weight of 11 tons, for a distance of 25 meters and five connected tram cars that weigh 101.5 tons.

the strongest in the world

Records of Dmitry Khaladzhi

The Ukrainian Dmitry Khalaji installed severalrecords, which were recorded in the Guinness book. He was very strong when he was a child. At 17, Dmitry could lift cars, tear iron chains, bend horseshoes and drive nails with his hands. Thanks to his strength, the Ukrainian hero repeatedly acted as a rescuer. He pulled the injured from the emergency vehicles, arching the door, the hood and the engine. Dmitry Khaladzhi made his first record in the Moscow circus, having dedicated his Donbass coal miners. Bogatyr raised over his head a 152-kilogram stone, processed in the form of a coal block, and broke the record, made in the 6th century BC by the ancient athlete Bibon. He raised over his head 143-kilogram stone. Dmitry's second record was called The Devil's Forge. In this room, the hero falls on the nails and on his chest put 3 blocks of concrete. Then these blocks are broken by the assistants. Dmitri Khaladzhi differs not only in iron strength, but also in iron will. Having received in the childhood significant burns, he suffered 8 operations and 12 blood transfusions. Below you will see a photo of the strongest person.

photo of the strongest person

Yuri Vlasov - 4-time world champion

Another Ukrainian strongman, Yuri Petrovich Vlasov,since childhood was fond of raising the bar. He set 31 world record and 41 record of the Soviet Union. In addition, Yuri Vlasov is a 4-time world champion, 6-time European champion, 5-time champion of the USSR and Olympic champion in 1960. He won these titles for 7 years in a row. And at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, he became the second, which led to the departure of Vlasov from the sport. The Ukrainian hero lifted weight by weight with a mass of 172 kilograms, with a push of 215 kilograms, in a press - 199 kilograms.

Silachi Anthony Clark and John Wooten

The strongest person is Filipino AnthonyClark, crouching with a weight of 363 kilograms. John Wooten of Massachusetts also claims the title "The strongest man in the world." He pulled the boat against the current, a train weighing 280 tons and an elephant, held 2 aircraft.

the strongest people on the planet

John Poltath is a man who survived quartering

The title "The strongest man on the planet" deservedly belongs to John Poltra. This strong man, subjected to quartering, was able to survive, keeping horses.

Alexander Zass - another hero

The strongest on the planet can be considered and AlexanderZassa, who could wear a piano, catch a 90-kilogram core, lift and carry a weight of 220 kilograms in the teeth, tie knotted metal rods. A stone weighing half a ton was smashed on his chest.

The strongest woman

American Jen Suffolk Todd is considered the most powerful woman in the world. She lifted weight 453 kilograms.

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