Sergei Golitsyn, "Forty Surveyors": a brief summary. The main characters of the work "Forty Surveyors"

The first stories of S.M. Golitsyn, a descendant of the princely family Golitsyn, was published in 1930, and by 1959 he had become a professional writer. His works were liked by many schoolchildren of the Soviet era, and such books as "The Forty Surveyors" and "The Town of Sorbents", for many became a kind of ticket to the world of adventure literature.

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Basic Characters

Before proceeding to a brief descriptioncontent of the "Forty Surveyors", it is necessary to identify the main characters of this story. This is a doctor telling a story, his daughter Sonya, the pioneers. Sonia likes to eat well, she has a slightly snub nose, she studies on fours. The children's doctor, although already an adult, is also burning with the desire to become a real prospector. He appears before the reader as a thoughtful narrator. The doctor takes an active part in the search for a portrait. He is kind and sociable, the guys hear a lot of entertaining stories from him.

Sonia is always sociable, cheerful. She takes an active part in the search for a portrait. In vain Misha took her to the "mattresses". Also acting persons are also pioneers. The main characters of the "Forty Surveyors" differ in character, but they are united by the desire for a common goal. Vitya the Great is distinguished by seriousness and curiosity. It is he who inspires the guys in search of the missing portrait. Vitya is important and strict, he likes to read.

Pioneer Galya - a girl with big eyes, heroften compared to the most proud beauties. On the back of her head is a large nylon bow. The pioneers of Zhenya and Gene are the fastest and agile. About them the writer never mentions separately, on a campaign they always keep together. Zhenya and Gene quickly lit a fire. They know how to do many other useful things and always behave like real knights. The smallest prospector is bony and peppery Pepper. He constantly asks questions, but fortunately the others do not require an answer. The guys allow him to carry a backpack, but even this does not stop him from chasing butterflies.


The hero of the story used to shoot duringsummer vacation villa. There he rested with his family. However, that year his son Misha graduated from school and was preparing for an important event - entering the geological survey institute. Misha himself divided all the people into two large categories - those who travel all over the country in search of minerals, and so-called "mattresses", who are constantly sitting at home. Masha Misha said that she was staying with her son in Moscow, so the doctor went to rest at the dacha only with Sonya, who at that time was about 12.5 years old.

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Mysterious portrait

What is the story of "The Forty Surveyors"? The brief content introduces the reader to Ivan Ivanovich, the neighbor of the protagonist on a communal apartment, a working historian-archivist. It was he who advised the doctor for a place to rest in Zielona Bor. The archivist appeals to the main character with a request. Once, a long time ago in Lubets, which is located near Green Boar, the historian accidentally stumbled upon a portrait of a woman of extraordinary beauty.

The picture was very talented, butby an unknown author. The portrait so fired Ivan Ivanovich into his soul that he really would like to learn something about what happened to him now and who was this mysterious artist. But the piece of paper on which the address was recorded was not preserved by Ivan Ivanovich, and he very much asked the doctor to look for at least some information about the picture and its author. This is how the hero of the story and his daughter Sonya turned into real prospectors.

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Acquaintance with pioneers

"Forty Surveyors", a summary of whichnow considered, tells how the doctor and Sonia met on the road with a woman from Green Boar. They rented a room in her house. Her husband was very taciturn, he worked all day in the garden and did not allow anyone to go there. During the rest on the river bank doctor and Sonya get acquainted with schoolchildren. From their class teacher, named Magdalina Kharitonovna, they learn that a schoolchildren's trip to the museum of the city of Lyubets is soon scheduled. They decide that they will go with them.

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The story of the director of the museum

On the way the doctor tells them about the mysteriousportrait, and the guys are lighting up with a desire to find him. Therefore, as soon as the Pioneer detachment enters the city, they immediately go to a museum located on the territory of the Kremlin. Director of the museum tells them a lot about the history of the town of Lubets. Among the exhibits of the museum, the guys saw a still life, at which the author's signature was very unusual: "I can not even subscribe." The same inscription was also on that mysterious picture, which they were now looking for.

When this became the director of the museum, he tooshowed a great desire to help the pioneers in the search for a portrait. The summary of the "Forty Surveyors" continues with the conversation of the museum director with the guys. He mentions various people who could help in the search for a portrait, and for some reason he calls these people by numbers: First, Second, Third. Later, the boys learned that there was a special group in the city that was engaged in research in various areas, from historical to culinary searches. These people called each other by numbers. There were seven of them.

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First track

History was the sphere of research of the Seventh number. He was very interested in the way the life of the daughter of a local landowner named Irina Zagvozdetskaya. She died of illness at a very young age - at the age of 18. Perhaps, it was for her portrait that the artist, who wished to remain anonymous, undertook. The pioneers, who are also one of the main characters in Golitsyn's "The Forty Surveyors", decide to communicate with all seven prospectors.

They liked the way in which these peoplethey called each other, and they also gave each other names - from the Eighth to the Thirty-Ninth. After visiting the museum, they go on a visit to a man named First. At home he keeps an old glass, which the guys have already seen on the still-life. On a visit to the First Pioneers made friends with a sheep-dog named Michael. Later, the pioneers will also assign this number to the dog - Sorokova. This will happen after she finds a valuable mineral. In total exactly forty prospectors came out.

Further searches

The search for the picture and its author turned out to be verydifficult and interesting occupation. A brief summary of Golitsyn's "40 Surveyors", who already today can ask schoolchildren for the lesson, tells about the further development of events. First, the pioneers were lucky - in the children's photo album of Irina Zagvozdetskaya, which they found at the Third (the director of the school in Lyubtsa), they found a sketch of the local Kremlin, which was marked with a mysterious inscription.

Pioneers were able to unravel the contents of this inscriptionand found a cache in the tower. In it, they found an ancient dagger, which was also depicted on a still-life in the museum. Also in the cache, the pioneers found a letter in an envelope. However, it did not work to read it - from time to time the letters blurred. Pioneers send a letter for a special examination and continue their fascinating quest.

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Prospectors in Moscow

"Golitsyn's forty searchers" is one of the mostinteresting adventure books, which will appeal to many children. The next scene introduces the reader to the number Seventh, who worked as the director of the memorial museum dedicated to the artist Sitnikov. By Seventh, the pioneers got on the boat. After that, they went to Moscow, where they met with his son - he wore the number six and was a young artist. Further searches in Moscow brought forty of Golitsyn's prospectors to the famous writer, who turned out to be a descendant of the genus who lived in the town of Lubets. From the old papers that belonged to the writer, as well as from the text of the letter sent for examination, the guys were able to learn the history of the mysterious portrait.

Fortress peasant

He was one of the serfs of the landownerZagvozdetsky, his name was Yegor. At a young age he showed unusual artistic ability, and therefore it was decided to send him to study in Petersburg. However, after several years the landowner summoned him from the capital and sent him to work at the crystal factory. Some time after returning Zagvozdetsky instructed the serf to paint the very same still life that the children saw in the museum.

The picture was a success to the artist, and the landowner demanded,so he painted a portrait of his daughter. The summary of Golitsyn's "Forty Surveyors" tells that Irina and Yegor fell in love with each other. The landlord, upon learning of this, immediately locked the daughter in the house. Egor was able to hide from his anger. However, later the landowner found a serf and sent him to the soldiers' service. Irina did not bear all the tests that fell on her share, and died.


Thus ends the story of Sergei Golitsyn "Fortyprospectors ". The children learned the story of the portrait, now it remains only to find the picture itself. In the papers of the writer it was mentioned that Yegor had given his work to storage for his work. The search continued in the town of Lubets. However, the portrait was found in Green Bohr. The story "Forty Surveyors" ends unusually. The doctor was very surprised when he found out that the portrait was with the owner of the house, where they rented a room for rest. This taciturn man was the descendant of a serf artist. He carefully kept the portrait, not showing anyone how he was bequeathed.

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