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Children - probably the most curious of allmodern representatives of mankind. They are interested in absolutely everything. These are the secrets of the universe, the animal and plant world of the Earth, modern technology and electronics, and much more. To the information already available in the minds of young researchers, I would like to add interesting facts about Germany for children. How much do your children know about this western country? Some of the facts presented below will help to expand already "postponed" knowledge.

Interesting facts about Germany for children
First, it should be said that Germany isa country with a huge history and an exceptional mentality. German lands very often appear on the pages of art and documentary publications. But now is not the time of "boring" information. It's time to tell some interesting facts about Germany. For children this information will be especially useful.

Do you know (or your children) what in Germanyproduce (and, accordingly, consume) more than one and a half thousand kinds of different sausages. These are "rings" and "braids", thick and thin, boiled and smoked meat delicacies. They are happily bought by both locals and tourists. The taste and quality of sausages are always carefully checked. When you are in this country, do not miss the opportunity to replenish the Slavic refrigerator with German meat delicacies.

Teaching children in Germany

If you honestly tell all the interestingfacts about Germany for children, it must be said that the chewing gum known to everyone was invented here. This happened in the second half of the nineteenth century.

People who love fishing, for their occupationthe favorite thing in Germany is to go through special courses. Upon completion, each receives special certificates confirming the readiness of cadets for such a responsible occupation.

For those who plan to teach children in Germany,it will be interesting to know the following fact. In schools, students who ride a bicycle need to acquire special rights. These documents are issued only after passing the course of traffic rules with some specially added items.

Interesting facts for children

Supplement the interesting facts about Germany for childreninformation about local garbage. The fact is that here absolutely all residents are accustomed to divide it into different categories. Separately folded paper, plastic, glass, food, metal and mixed waste. This is done in order to maximally use them in the secondary production. This idea solves two problems at once: lack of places for waste disposal and lack of resources for some industries. Another "garbage" fact: for a left-flipped urn paper in the street in Germany, it is assumed very large fines. Even larger sizes of sanctions are imposed for the flower blooms on German flower beds.

Native language in Germany may be incomprehensible andthemselves to the local people. The fact is that there are a lot of dialects here. Many of them differ to such an extent that they are difficult for perception by native Germans from different regions.

Do not forget to find and tell interesting facts for children more often: about countries, animals, space, outstanding people. Some of them will be new and interesting for you.

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