Composition on the painting "Field Rowan". Description of the canvas

The work on the painting "Field Rowan" is written by many students. This canvas was chosen for study and entered the school curriculum not only in fine arts, but also in the Russian language.

composition on the picture of a field rowanberry

The plot of the picture

All external signs indicate that this islandscape. Arkady Rylov captured a beautiful summer day on it. The name of the painting comes from the portable name of the tansy plant. In the people it is customary to call it a "Field Arborea". Indeed, there is an external resemblance to this berry in tansy. However, the latter is very bright, yellow grass, and not a tree. These flowers do not fade for a very long time, they do not crumble, but because they are loved by many. For this reason, they are often included in the bouquets of wildflowers.

Probably, the author was walking around the city,perhaps in the village. And I could not resist the attractive beauty of Russian nature. Sunny summer day beckons the artist to walk through beautiful corners. Composition of the painting "Field Rowan" also contains a description of the color range of the work. Everything around is green, flowering, bright. It seems that we see this landscape with our own eyes: so naturally the author passed everything that is happening around.


Carefully consider the canvas. The composition of the painting by Rylov "Field Rowan" includes a description of the back of her plan. As already noted above, the time of year is summer. The day is pretty clear. However, we see clouds that have strayed into a pile. Perhaps in a couple of hours it will rain. In the distance, barely visible forest. In front of him is a huge field with green grass. It has many different colors. So you want to go over it, feel freedom. Beside the river are bushes. From the hot heat they lower their branches closer to the water.

Painting Rylova "Field Rowan", an essay onwhich is to be written, decorated with a river on it. Its mirror-like surface can not leave anyone indifferent. If you look carefully, you can see small crests on the river. This indicates that a slight breeze blows, creating small waves.


Right before our eyes appear greengrass and flowers. And, of course, special attention is paid to tansy. These bright summer plants create a special color. A lush floral carpet with emerald leaves blends with the delicate herbs of herbs.

composition on the picture of a snout

To the left, rowanberry itself is symbolically located. There are no berries yet. As you know, they will only ripen by the autumn. Such cheerful variegation emphasizes the beauty of the nature of our country. Very remarkable and the image on the canvas of the domestic tree-symbol - birch. This must necessarily be mentioned when you write an essay on the painting "Field Rowan". Her emerald leaves and stretch upward, to the sun.

It is difficult to approach the bank of the river because of thickets. Probably, the artist has placed his easel in a convenient place, from where you can see the sky, the river, and the trees. A feeling of unlimited freedom and peace is created. This is the place where an urban person can rest from the hustle and bustle. The vast expanses of fields and the river, hidden in thickets, will affect the soul of any Russian person. I can not believe that this is a painting written by an artist, and not a photograph. So clearly the author was able to convey even the small details created by nature itself.

The result

Composition on the painting "Field Rowan" writenot at all difficult. This canvas fascinates, makes you plunge into the atmosphere of summer. Carelessness and freedom - that's what those who will admire him will feel. This picture is kept today in our northern capital, the State Russian Museum.

picture of a snout

Everyone who is interested in it can see itthere. It is filled with the warmth and beauty of a fleeting summer. The artist was able to convey this painting all his emotions, which he experienced when he saw this landscape. It is not for nothing that the author chose this place for sketching. The nature here fascinates, beckons with the summer sun and cool air.

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