I was called a "clerical rat" ... offended or not?

Evil people were, are and will be, and this is necessaryto put up with. There is always someone who will necessarily envy you, because you can not hide from this! What will envy? Well ... at least a new purse. The whole machine. Recent repairs, buying dachas, hiking in a cafe, obedient children or simply work. Yes, you never know what you can envy! It is enough to take something that gives a person some pleasure (or at least not giving trouble) - and here it is, the reason for envy.

And to say something insulting is alwaysyou are welcome. Some even get pleasure from the fact that they call different people in different ways. The use of obscene words in this case is completely not necessary, because even the most cute phraseology "clerical rat" is, in general, an attempt at insult.

So, you were called this rodent, and you are at a loss: should I take offense at this? Let's try to figure it out.

Interpretation of the term "clerical rat"

First of all, it should be borne in mind that this term is both a phraseology (a stable expression) and a paraphrase (something that should not be taken literally).

So, if you have already imagined the sweetestrat, reading important documents - then alas. It would be very nice, if it were, but in this case this expression would not be considered an attempt to insult the other.

Interpretation of the term clerical rat

The term "clerical rat" means smallan employee of the office or state structure, who spent most of his time looking through various papers and documents. And all would be nothing, but this term also implies that besides a not very interesting work, the poor rat has nothing: no family, no friends, no talents, interests or hobbies.

All the life of a rat revolves around a dull work, besides which the unfortunate has nothing. And, as if this is not enough, the clerical rat performs its work very badly. If it does it at all.

How else can they call?

Synonyms for the unfortunate office clerk also include the following periphrases:

  • Office plankton.
  • Bureaucrat.
  • Ink or paper shower.
  • Formalist.
  • Blotter.
  • Serviceman, chinodral.
  • Prikazny hook.
  • The soulless bureaucrat.
  • Ink rat.

And a lot of other, not quite censorship terms, which should not be cited here.

the value of a clerical rat

So offended or not?

Well, that's up to you. The meaning of the term, of course, is not the most joyful, but there is nothing bad either. This is if you look at it verbatim.

Do not cheat yourself, because it did not happennothing wrong! Well, they called you a clerical rat. A sweet animal, and even has a job, but not everyone is lucky these days. Remember even the words of Yeshua from the "Master and Margarita": "I was called a dog, but I do not see anything wrong with this animal."

But the one who called you so, is worth it or not at allremove from the nearest circle of communication, or change your attitude to it. It's if this was not said in jest by your best friend in order to pull you out of work and finally get out for a walk.

I'm a clerical rat ... how can I live now?

The fact that you are so called, only for you and hasvalue. A clerical rat can work quietly, organize Sunday picnics, go on vacation several times a year and generally enjoy life.

Stationery rat

So throw out the words of envious people from your head and add to them even more reasons for slander - let the tongues swell from the gossip and the scammers.

Enjoy every moment of your life and do not think about trifles!

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