Russian Prince Igor

Prince Igor began to reign in 912, adoptingpower from Prince Oleg. By that time the first was already at the age of mature, was married to Olga. According to legends, Prince Igor got acquainted with his wife during the hunt. Seeing Olga, he was captivated by her beauty and intelligence. Subsequently, despite the permitted polygamy in Russia, Prince Igor had no more wives than his first. This indicates not only his boundless love for Olga, but also for her exceptional qualities.

Prince Igor. Biography

According to historians, the first rulers of the Russian state were very lucky. Characteristic of Prince Igor indicates the presence of such qualities as a bright mind, energy.

After the death of Oleg, the state began to disintegrate. Having risen, the Drevlyane wanted to secede from the Kiev authorities. In addition, the Pechenegs intensified their onslaught. However, the resolute Igor again won the Drevlyane, imposing a heavy tribute on them. To the Pechenegs, he sent a powerful army, and they preferred to make peace.

Together with this Rusich started to move towards the mouthDnieper, to the Byzantine guard posts. Russian settlers also appeared on the Taman Peninsula. Igor contributed to founding a colony around the city of Tmutarakan.

In 941, a campaign was undertaken toConstantinople. Part of the huge army moved on water, part - on land. However, on the approaches to Constantinople, Rusich was met by a Greek fleet armed with "fire." Russian ships were burnt. However, most of Prince Igor's army survived and continued the battle on the coast.

Returning home, Prince Igor decided to take revengethe Greeks. To do this, it was necessary to collect a large army. The troops needed money to equip the troops. Jewish debtors provided loans. Because of the sea, Igor called the Varangians in the army, hired more Pechenegs as well. Two years later, with cavalry and the fleet Igor again headed for Greece. Roman Lakapin (Byzantine emperor) was not sure of victory. Seeking to save his empire, he sends ambassadors to Igor with tribute, rich gifts and promises to give even more if he agrees to peace with them. After meeting with the army, Rusich accepted the proposal of the Greeks. After ordering the Pechenegs to ravage Bulgaria, Igor returned to Kiev. In 944 the official peace was concluded.

During the reign of Igor, there was a furtherrallying and unification of the tribes of the Eastern Slavs. To Russia have adjoined уличи. At the same time, the notion of "Russian Land" emerges. This is how Rus was called in all documents signed with the Byzantine Empire.

Igor, having freed the Slavic people from paymentKhazars tribute, imposed on the first his own tribute. Since it was allowed to give not only money, but also food and goods, it became a little easier for the Slavs to pay. However, in this case it was also a certain dependence on Rusich. Repeatedly the Slavs, dissatisfied with the pole (tribute), raised uprisings.

It should be noted that in Russia there was no clearthe established size of the tribute. She was taken "by eye". Poljudie began in the fall. Together with the squad, the prince traveled around the state, stopping in small settlements and large cities. The Polubie continued throughout the winter, ending in the early spring. The tribute consisted not only of handicraft goods and money, but also what was drunk and eaten during the stops of the squad and the prince. Sometimes there was cruelty.

In 945 Igor went for a tribute together witharmy. As we know, he owed money to the Jewish usurers. Unfortunately, military battles did not bring the trophy army. After collecting the tribute from Drevlyan, on his way home, Igor suddenly decides to return with a small retinue and take an additional tribute. However, having warned him that they would give nothing back, the Drevlyane had already become embittered and armed. But Igor continued his journey. As a result, Drevlyan ruler Mal interrupted the whole retinue. Prince Igor was tied to two bent tree trunks and ripped in half.

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