Composition "Profession - teacher". How to write an essay about your future specialty?

Everybody knows that one of the most importantelection in a person's life concerns his profession. Many people nowadays enter the university in order to get this or that specialty, and only at the end of the higher institution they understand that this is far from what they would like to do. What does the composition "Profession - Teacher" have to do with it? And despite the fact that this work is aimed not only at improving the Russian language, but also for thinking. In this case, they can push the student to think about the future.

composition profession teacher


The composition "Profession is a teacher", like any otheranother essay, has a three-part literary form. It begins with the introduction, which takes about 15% of the text. In other words, a short paragraph will suffice. To speak is necessary from the first person, which becomes clear, based on the theme of the work. It can look like this. The choice of profession is a responsible decision, which every person must accept in his life without exception. Of course, if he wants to take place as a person. To choose the case, which will need to devote his entire life, it is necessary to approach responsibly. Maybe not all will be able to become teachers. But there are such teachers that everyone admires. They work with children, often disobedient, and manage to manage all of them. Such work requires considerable effort.

A paragraph written in such a plan will be quite sufficient to begin with. And further, in the main part, you can begin to set out the key ideas.

essay on the profession teacher


The composition "Profession - teacher" can have anycontinuation. The main thing is that it contains reasoning, as the genre obliges. You can write that not everyone can become a teacher. Often this is an ungrateful profession, but very noble. To pass on their knowledge to others, share their experience, teach manners and skills to future personalities, show them life from different angles - this is very interesting. Those who truly love children are able to cope with these tasks. There are a lot of people who want to become those teachers, for lessons they will go with pleasure and interest.

As you can see, in this example there are arguments that allow you to trace the main idea and understand the message of such a desire.

Theme development

What to do if you want to write an essay on a topic"Profession - a teacher of primary school"? Again, you can just speculate. For example, so. A teacher is a very broad concept. There are teachers who teach students in the university. And there are those who carry out the most important work - transfer knowledge to the smallest. Children who are just beginning to explore the world and show interest in it. The teacher of primary classes should instill in them a love for the subjects studied, present the information in such a way that the children want to learn and learn more and more. After all, in this critical period, the initial formation of the personality takes place. How to know, maybe after falling in love with this or that subject in childhood, the child will show interest to him in the future, which will subsequently affect the choice of his specialty?

In this direction the composition "Profession is a teacher" can also be developed. After all, it contains statements, arguments, proofs and thoughts related to a given topic. And this is the main thing.

essay on the profession of a primary school teacher


Well, when the introduction and the main partwritten, you need to think about how to finish the composition "Profession - teacher". The concluding paragraph, as well as the initial paragraph, should be concise. In fact, we need only sum up the above. For example, in this way. Choosing a profession, you need to realize: the specialty received at the university is a step into a real, completely and completely independent adult life. And you should go get an education that will be to your liking, so that you do not regret about the chosen profession.

So you can finish the composition-reasoning on the topic "Profession - teacher". There are many other options. Which one to choose, and in what manner to argue - this is decided by the author.

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