"Not a bitch, no hitch": the origin, the meaning of expression and sentence with phraseological

A well-done thing is said: "Not a bitch, no hitch!" What this means, we will discuss it today.


neither a hitch nor a hitch

It is easy to guess that the phraseology gotto us from those people who worked with wood in the old days. If a tree is lovingly caressed by a craftsman and he has put a lot of skill and diligence into the piece of log, then there should be no roughness on it. Not a bitch, no hitch - that is, no roughness to the touch, not to mention what reminds of the past life of the material - the rudiments of the branches.

Over time, the origin of the expression was forgotten, but the meaning remained. This happens often enough.

Fashionable word "sawed out" and old phraseology

Now often from sports commentators (infootball), you can hear such an offer: "What Messi sawed the transmission." It means that the titled Argentine made a very convenient pass to the team-mate, and that only had to hit the gate.

sentence with phraseology is neither a hitch nor a hitch

Surprisingly fashionable word "sawed out"sends listeners and viewers to the old phraseology. If you continue the line, you can say: "Messi's transmission was a miracle as good - no bitch, no hitch!"

The school essay and the expression in question

We move on to a more understandable broadpublic example. The famous writers say that they have style. Naturally, they write well, smoothly. In general, when a person writes flexibly, this does not mean that he has a style. The author's manner of selecting words and syntax is another level.

When we talk about the school essay, then aboutstyle to speak early, but about the smoothness of the text is quite possible. If the teacher checks the quality work (without errors and meaningful), he may well praise as follows: "Neither bitch nor hitch! Brilliant work! "Of course, we do not forget that the work is noticeable only at the school level. Whether a budding child becomes a famous writer or not depends only on him and his zeal.

Such examples can be selected mass. The main thing is to know the meaning of the expression. The athlete presses the barbell and technically performs everything without blots and mistakes. When he is praised by the coach, he says: "Well, Sidorov, well done! Lessons were not for nothing - no bitch, no hitch! "And so with everything. Whatever the person has succeeded. Not only can a tree be rough or cut a part on the machine unevenly, but the translation from English into Russian can be made "rough" and "rough". The sentence with a phraseological "no bitch, no hitch" can be wonderful, and maybe not very true and accurate. Let the reader himself practice in the compounding of words, because he already knows the meaning of the expression considered by us.

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